Day 63: Nope

Well, today was the second day we tried the rice cereal. No such luck as far as it stopping her screaming. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to do anything different for her. She was a great shopping buddy today and slept for 5 hours during her morning nap while I got a ton of errands and last minute Christmas shopping done! 

Feeling so festive!

When she was awake she was still pretty fussy and could only sit in certain positions after she ate that didn’t cause her pain. She had a full blown meltdown again tonight while trying to eat so we are going to call the doctor tomorrow and give her the update. We were supposed to try this for a week before moving to medicine, but I can’t let this poor girl keep screaming in pain for 5 more days. 

I have noticed her screaming also happens when she’s overtired and fighting sleep, but there’s an obvious discomfort going on when she eats sometimes. She will be hungry but laying on her back hurts so she tries to eat and just starts crying. 😦

I am starting to wean the Mylicon and it seems to be going okay so far…Here’s to hoping the Zantac works! 

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