Day 62: 2 months old!!

What a day! Kensie had her 2 month check-up today. She’s 11lb 8oz and 22 1/4 inches which is a quarter inch less than last month…I asked the nurse if she shrunk (I was kidding) and she remeasured and got the same length. The doctor thinks they did it wrong last time because her height and weight correlated better this time. Whatever, she’s healthy! 

2 month check up! (before the shots…)

The doctor told me because of the vaccinations Kensie would be more fussy and clingy than usual today. To me that sounds like a typical day in her life, but boy was she right. This girl has been in mommy overload mode today. 

Poor nugget. She’s sleeping like this.
Only way she’s happy. I can’t set her down or she makes a big bottom lip and cries real tears.
I had to coach…ergobaby to the rescue!
Oh hey little lady!

At her appointment I told the doctor I have been giving her Mylicon every time she eats and while it really seems to have helped with the gas, K still has random meltdowns. She said it sounds like a level of reflux, but she wanted me to try rice cereal in her bottle instead of immediately putting her on Zantac. She also wants me to wean her off of the Mylicon. 

I was a little torn with the thought of giving her the rice cereal at only 2 months. Since I have to pump to give her a bottle while I’m at the gym in the afternoons, the doctor said adding the cereal, along with keeping her upright for 20 minutes after she eats, will help make the milk heavier and sit at the bottom of her stomach as opposed to coming back up and burning her. 

I called my friend Casey because I knew Harper had an issue with reflux and she had taken Rice Cereal as well. I’m not sure exactly why I was so indifferent about it- but I wanted to see her experience and if she thought it helped or caused any issues. She told me that it’s been very helpful for Harper and reminded me that while I didn’t really want to, it would allow me to take the Mylicon away which I didn’t like giving her since it’s made with so much sugar. Also, if it’s something that can relive pain for K, it’s worth giving a shot! 

I put it in her bottle this afternoon and she did great with it. Usually by the time I’m working out or trying to leave the gym Kens is already crying to be fed again. Today she was a happy camper until I fed her again at 7:30! Win! I feel like I can’t really count today since she’s sleepy and cranky from the shots, but hopefully it will help this little boo! 

They tested her poop and confirmed she doesn’t have a dairy allergy (hallelujah)! She IS intolerant to large amounts of it, though. Basically I can’t have straight milk or things like ice cream or queso. I can still have cheese in small amounts and yogurt. I’m not a huge dairy eater anyways, so I’m glad it’s an easy fix. 

Regardless of her clinginess, I got lucky and found a brief window of happiness and managed to get lots of smiles while I took her 2 month photo! Phew!!!

Love her sweet smiles!

I really can’t believe this sweet girl is two months old already! It is so much fun watching her change and grow and seeing her little personality start to come out. 

At the party Saturday night there was a point where she was way over tired and people kept wanting to hold her. When they did she started crying – when I took her back she’d stop! Realizing that she knew who I was was such a great feeling. 

K is still doing awesome with holding her head up and doing mini push ups! She tracks with her eyes and watches me like a hawk when I walk away from her. She is responding with smiles and has started trying to “talk”. Kensie loves bath time and just laying in the warm water. She has been sleeping in her crib until about 5-6a each night and she’s also been standing straight up on my legs while I burp her! She still isn’t a fan of tummy time; it just turns into laying down, fussing or chewing her hand. We’ll get there, Haha! I’m excited she’s starting to hold on to and grab things so I can give her toys to play with. And last but not least, I am so excited for her first Christmas this weekend! 

Current situation. Sweet dreams!

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