Day 60 & 61: The Truth

Yesterday K went to Daddy Daycare!! Which meant she never got out of her pajamas for the day…

Christmas party Recovery.

Chris and Will too care of Kens while the girls went to see the Nutcracker!

Ballet ready!

Today I had to deal with the mess that was dropping our truck off at the dealership. I’ll spare you all the details – but why do they have to make it such a daunting task!? 

Anyways – Kens was pretty happy most of  today but she didn’t take a single nap. So naturally, she lost her shit a few times instead of just going to sleep…because she likes to keep it interesting. 
If anyone is still looking for a Christmas present for me, I desperately need this book. 

Please go YouTube Jennifer Garner reading this book. It’s more than worth the 3 minutes of your life.

This morning I got my hair done and our conversation was the inspiration for my blog today. Ashley, my hair extraordinar, was always very real with me about what to expect once I had a baby (and still what to expect) and I really appreciate that about her. 

Other than trying to watch my language, I try not to sugarcoat the details on my blog. Being a mom is amazing and rewarding and I wouldn’t trade it for anything; but it’s also hard and scary and down right exhausting. I don’t mean exhausting as in just not sleeping in. I mean exhausting as in even if you get a 2 hour “physical” break to run to the store- you’re still a mom. The worry never shuts off. And if your breastfeeding even if your baby is being watched for 12 hours you’re still not off the clock. I think a lot of times moms are scared to tell the truth because no one talks about the not so fun parts so they think they’re the only ones that go through it. As a new mom, this blog has been an awesome resource.  When I’ve talked about Kensie’s issues with gas or screaming or trying to figure out pumping – other moms have reached out with suggestions for me and I always end up learning something from them that works! 

As if today’s post isn’t long enough – here’s some things I’ve learned since becoming a mom:

– Hot coffee is completely taken for granted.

– Finishing a meal in one sitting (let’s be real- standing) is a noteworthy accomplishment. 

– Even if your baby is a good sleeper you won’t sleep soundly because you always have one ear in “listen for the baby” mode. 

– You can go to the bathroom in 15 seconds flat. Always. Including number 2. 

– It’s truly amazing the things you can do with one hand.

– Hearing your child make noise when you just celebrated the fact that they fell asleep is similar to the feeling you got when your first goldfish died. Straight devastating. 

– Babies automatically know when you need to get shit done and start crying right on cue.  

– Forgetting to eat is actually a thing.

– Never wake a sleeping baby. Seriously. 

– Never wake a sleeping mom. Still serious. 

– “Shit ruins lives.” -Ashley Ball

– Alcohol.

Oh. And while we are on the topic of being real, this was Kensie “cooperating” for her blog photo today. 

Eating her hands is her new favorite activity.

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