Day 59: Your Sweater is Ugly

After Kensie’s sleepless night, we drug ourselves to the gym early to workout and to coach the morning classes. I barely had myself together so K went in her PJs. 

Oh yeah, Kens? Must be nice to catch up on all that sleep you didn’t get last night…

Once we left the gym Kensie was having some tummy issues so if I put her in the wrong position she would start crying. I changed up her medicine and started giving her the Mylicon half way through her eating when I’d stop to burp her. That seems to help her go potty before she’s even done eating so I’m going to keep doing that for a few days to see how it goes!

Tonight Kensie got dressed up for her first Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! So thankful for such great friends that love K and let her hang out with the “big kids”. 

Pre-party nap!

My mini party animal!

Girls photo before her FOMO kicked in!

She was such a good girl! She was super tired at the beginning of the party and passed out. As soon as I got the idea to go lay her down for the night she woke up and refused to close her eyes with so much going on! K hung out for a little while and then daddy got her to go to bed. 

FaceTime = Baby monitor

We had a great night with friends and luckily Kensie slept through the night for us! 

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