Day 58: Fussy Friday

Welp, Kensie made up for her perfect day with some extra fussiness today. We had a lot to do though so overall she was a great sport!

We had to go shopping to get ready for a Christmas party and then we went up to Daytona for her cousins 6th birthday party.

Her only nap of the day…

After we got back from Daytona we went over to Will and Ashley’s house to decorate cookies for the Ugly Sweater party!

Christmas Cookie decorating!

Uncle Will attempting to put Kensie to sleep! It worked for a while

We got home pretty late and I was sure Kensie would sleep really well since she was up most of the day and had more than one meltdown. Nope. 

If she is wide awake she won’t stay in her crib too long before she gets fussy so I put her in bed with me assuming she’d pass out pretty quickly. Homegirl had other plans. She was wiggling and chatting and had no interest in sleeping. After about 45 minutes of that attempt I put her mamaroo bedside the bed and held her pacifier in her mouth. That lasted until about 2a when she finally went to sleep. I was the only on dozing off in the meantime..but at least she was happy! 

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