Day 98

Kensie is hitting a growth spurt hard because she has been loving her naps! No complaints here…

Oh hey, momma!

She woke up pretty happy but starting yesterday evening K was getting pretty fussy over her gas. It woke her up last night and when I changed her diaper this morning she was screaming pretty bad from it. I think I might have eaten something that didn’t agree with either of our tummies.

Kensie went to the chiro this morning and all afternoon she’s been tootin without tears. Win! 

Kensie loves her back massages!

I had some errands to run after her appointment and K napped the day away. She was great at the gym as well…there was a lot of lifting so the barbells constantly dropping made her happy once again! During the 5p, she was really tired but fought it so she got fussy. Uncle Rob held her like she was in a chair and she watched everyone and was happy as could be! The second we got in the car she passed out…now I’m just hoping she feels like sleeping a solid 6 hours because I am one tired momma tonight! 

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