Day 99

Kensie has naturally gotten herself in an “eat, play, sleep” routine. It’s great because it’s predictable; however, when it gets thrown off it’s not so pretty. She usually takes a long morning nap but bringing her to the gym with me she didn’t really get one. 

This didn’t last nearly long enough for my little sleepy head.

K is like her momma – she is a gremlin when she loses her sleep. Haha!

When we got back from the gym, B came over for a visit!!

She loved watching Baby Einsteins on her belly!

Happy ladies!

In between playing, K took a short nap and threw a few fits from being tired. Of course the second she relaxes and falls asleep I had about 5 minutes before I had to wake her up and go back to the gym.

Taking K to the gym tired is hard because she just wants to be held at that point. Luckily, since he schedule was all off anyway, I was able to give her a bottle before coaching and she napped through my class!

Look who held their own bottle!

Kensie has gotten picky about how she goes to sleep now. She used to love her boppy in her crib but this last week she just flails and wiggles herself awake in there and will not stay asleep when I put her down. She only falls asleep when I’m holding her or in her vibrating chair from her pack n play….sooo I put her chair in her crib and she slept 5 1/2 hours there! 

I think I’m going to try her swaddle sack tomorrow night and see how that goes. We’ll keep you posted! 

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