Day 100

Well, I have kept a small human alive for 100 days! 

This personality grows by the day.

To celebrate her triple digit birthday, Kensie went to her first official business meeting! Gotta start ’em young. πŸ˜‰

My little entrepreneur in the making!

She has been such a great little lady and so much fun! I ran a lot of errands this afternoon so K’s naps kept getting interrupted. By the time I got to the gym to coach, she pretty much had it and the meltdown came. It didn’t last long and she ate and took a nap…but it was not ideal timing. You win some, you lose some. 

Aside from that, she has been so great. She sat through a business meeting quietly, smiled at people when they said she was cute during our errands and laughed at peak-a-boo today! 

In honor of making it a hundred days exclusively breastfeeding, I bought a new gadget! 

Manual pump FTW!

Okay, actually I just bought it because a friend told me it works really well and I need it for this weekend – but justifying it sounded good. 

The time I have to be at the gym changes from day to day which makes it hard on feeding times/what time Kensie needs a bottle in the afternoon. My plan is to keep this one in the diaper bag so I can quickly pump at the gym if I need to or when we are on the go! I tried it quickly tonight and it worked like a charm. 

Kensie skipped her bath tonight and ate and went straight to sleep when we got home. I didn’t even try out the sleep sack tonight because her chair did the trick immediately. 

KB must have known I needed to catch up on all my shows that just started back up. All I have to say is: Scandal…WOAH. 

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