Day 101 & 102

It was an eventful weekend for mom and dad and a relaxing one for Kensie Brooke! 

We got some Saturday morning snuggles in and then Gramma came to town to hang with K while we went to the Florida Georgia Line concert! 

Her morning nap is my favorite!
Parents night out

I brought the manual pump with me (that I mentioned in Friday’s post) and went to the bathroom quick before the concert started, used it, and was all set for the evening. Beastfeeding is definitely the hardest part about being gone for several hours at a time…this thing was a game changer for sure!! 

K had a ton of fun playing with her Gramma and Uncle William! They said she was good and happy and only cried with for a little when she had some gas. She was also sneaky after her midnight feeding and got some extra playtime in. 

1am is not playtime…

I was super thankful my little nugget loves sleeping because after her midnight party she slept until 6:30a. She got up, ate, played some…and then I needed a few extra hours (lol) and this cuddle bug napped with me until 1pm!

Thanks for being the best baby ever, Kens!!!

We have been practicing sitting up so I set up her bumbo play chair to see if she’d play in it. K wasn’t too sure what to do but she sure loved looking at it all!

Mom what’s this thing above my head?

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