Day 103

First of all, let me just say K’s bow today is one of my favorites. Mainly because it’s larger than her head. She is finally growing in to more of them so getting dressed each day has become quite the event. Ha!

We talked to Aunt Shell this afternoon which is always a highlight of our day!

Is my bow big enough to see from Afghanistan?

Kens just leans to the phone…

We had a long evening at the gym and Kensie was such a trooper!! She stayed in her swing the whole time I coached 4. She got a little fussy while I was working out so I moved her chair and the change of scenery is all she needed! She likes watching me workout and loves when everyone is dropping their barbells. 

CrossFit nugget in the making!

So Kensie’s new thing is blowing bubbles, sucking on her fingers (not her thumb, just all 4 fingers…), and when she wants to eat, she nuzzles her face into me and shakes her head back and forth like she’s wiping her nose and wiggles down. It’s pretty funny now – but I imagine that won’t be the case when she’s old enough to start grabbing my shirt at the same time! 

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