Day 104: The Honest Brand

I love mornings with miss Kensie Brooke because after I feed her she is extra snuggly and goes back to sleep. This morning Jack had to pee…and okay I did too, so I had to trick K in order to get out of bed without waking her up. It took very slow, calculated movements and replacing my body with pillows but it was a success! (No lecture needed. She wasn’t by herself for more than 60 seconds…)

Snuggle butt

Speaking of butts, the diaper you can see through her PJs are the Honest brand. They. Are. The. JAM! *Insert product plug here* 

The only diapers that K used to be able to wear without getting a rash were Pampers Sensitive. A friend gifted us a box of Honest diapers (because they had feathers on them and it matched her nursery. You know, the important stuff.) and I looked at the box and it said it was all natural. I figured I’d give them a try. Not only are they adorable and don’t give her rashes but they DON’T LEAK!!! I’m not sure that leak is really the word, but if she pees more than once before her diaper is changed, the Pampers don’t hold it in well at all and you can tell she’s wet because her clothes get damp. These hold in pee overnight with no dampened clothing! Whoo!!!

K only cried once today and as she was crying she was farting (classy) so I put her on her belly and it’s the only thing that calmed her down! 

And she’s rocking her flamingo head wrap today!

This munchkin hates tummy time but she was extra happy after her bath tonight so I gave it a go! It lasted maybe 30 seconds before she fussed. She is great at pushing up and kicking her legs, though! 

K can’t roll from her back to her tummy yet, so she just flips to her left side and kicks her feet around. 

I set her in her chair so I could make dinner quick and she looked around but still hasn’t touched any of the toys. I guess she is still a little young for it but she does enjoy sitting up like a big girl. 

Her hands are way more entertaining…

I put her in her swaddle sack tonight and it seems to be working really well! She got pissed when I tried to put her arms in it so I left those out, but she fell asleep in less than 10 minutes and so far she’s been less of a wiggle worm tonight. 

Kensie has been on an awesome schedule this week with her eating. I’ve noticed I always try to feed her every 3 hours but sometimes she will nap longer than that and in the middle of the day she goes about 4 hours without seeming hungry. The last 2 days it’s worked great! I’ve been able to feed her before the gym and not have to give her a bottle while we are there. 

This girl is just like her momma – loves her sleep! (Thank you sweet baby Jesus)

The bad side to that is I brought a bottle in case… and then  had the devastating experience of pouring perfectly good breastmilk down the drain because I forgot to put it back in the fridge when we got home. 

Oh damn. The other bad side to that is I didn’t give her her medicine because I’m used to giving it to her with her bottle. (And I just realized it as I’m typing this post). Umm. Wish me luck tomorrow…

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