Day 105

Kensie went to the chiro this morning and I am hoping it keeps her from getting this head cold that I seem to have gotten! 

Always eating those hands.

Fun fact: they’ve done studies/blood work and it’s been shown that an adjustment improves your immune system by 50%! Dr. Christina also did a little work on my face/sinuses and it felt amazing. I could immediately breathe afterward. 

Even though K’s schedule was kind of all over today and she didn’t get her normal naps in – she was a sweetheart and happy as can be. This was also a relief since I forgot her medicine last night. I’m hoping after her next doctor appointment we can take her off it completely. 

Love when this little one wakes up all smiles!

Kensie wore her orange bow today because at CFEO, on Wednesdays we wear orange! She loved talking to Emily today and everytime she walked by and said hey to Kens she got a huge smile! Emily must have had to magic touch today – and by magic I mean she spit up on her before class and then when she was talking to her in her swing she did it again. 

I happened to be taking her photo at the most perfect moment…

Look closely for the spit up.

The swaddle worked okay last night but she didn’t sleep any longer than usual so I didn’t bother with it tonight. She seems just as peaceful in her chair with her paci and a blanket! 

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