Day 106: Finger Sucker

Any advice on how to keep this child’s hands OUT OF HER MOUTH?! My lanta. She’s always occasionally sucked on her fingers but not for long. Today she wouldn’t keep them out of her mouth! Normally if she’s tired and her pacifier falls out she fusses. Today she shoved it out and stuck her fingers in and was happy as could be. I just don’t want her to start sucking her thumb because I can’t take that away eventually. Ah!!!

Anyways, K was my little trooper today! We had to coach a morning class, go back for a meeting, coach an afternoon class then go back again tonight for an event. Phew! 

Wore this little one out! She passed out as I was burping her.

The morning was eventful. My class was setting up for the WOD and I was holding Kensie. I felt her fart and told them and we all laughed. Then I went to set her down…and yeah…it was a lot more than a fart! Jokes on me!

We’ve got a situation…

It was gorgeous out today so Kens watched them workout this afternoon and took a little nap outside! 

Oh hey there, Ellie!

Along with eating her hands, Kensington has decided it’s really fun to talk and smile in the middle of eating. She’s always been a quick eater but recently it’s been eat some, give big smiles, eat some more, chat, then continue eating.  Focus, little lady!!

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