Day 107

Kensington was a little gassy girl today!! I’ve been trying to get back on track with my eating but her tummy just does not agree with the fats and low carb! 

During her morning nap she started crying while still asleep and woke herself up and it escalated from there. I picked her up and she had gas. She was happy on her belly for a little but it didn’t last. 

I decided to give her a bath and she was a super happy girl after that!! She sat in the water and relaxed and I gave her a tummy massage to help with the gas bubbles. 

Poor nugget

Once that was over, she had a great rest of the day. I’m fighting a cold and have been pretty congested all week. Luckily K gets immunities from breastfeeding but she did start coughing today. I spoke with the pediatrician and she told me to suction her nose 3 times a day to keep it out of her lungs and we should be okay. 

We went to visit a friend in the hospital, ran an errand and then went up to the gym in the afternoon. She slept every time she was in the car and went straight to sleep after I put on her PJs and fed her. Praying she doesn’t wake up with a stuffy nose!! 

The spit up stain adds character, Yeah?

Oh, and I loved the suggestion of giving her a teething toy to avoid the finger sucking so I tried that today. She wasn’t interested in it (I don’t think she is teething, I just want to distract her so she doesn’t learn to suck her thumb!) but I’m going to keep at it! 

The yummiest fingers!

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