Day 108

Not even being biased. This little girl is too damn cute. 

No need to crawl first.

Kens had quite the Saturday! We had a long, fun morning at the gym hosting a fundraiser for our good friend who is currently in the hospital. Considering she was there for 4 hours and it was over her nap time and she only slept about 30 minutes, she was so good!


When we got home she went down for a nap and Chris stayed with her while I went to get my nails done. Of course 10 minutes after I left she woke up screaming and had a meltdown the whole time I was gone. Poor thing was so overtired and off her schedule. When I got home she finally took a nap. 

We went straight to the PJs this afternoon.

We had an impromptu date night out with some friends and Sam Sam came over to babysit K! When I woke her up from her nap she was extremely fussy so I almost cancelled. Sam was up for the challenge so we decided to go. 

I got her to sleep before I left and crossed my fingers for no meltdowns while we were gone. Then I got these snapchats…

Phew!!! She was so good and it was awesome to have a dinner out with some friends without worrying about her. 

Officially hired!

So…that nose sucker that freaks me out that I posted about a while back…yeah. I had to resort to it today. The battery powered one I paid $35 for does absolutely NOTHING.  

Kensie has a stuffy nose and the pediatrician said to suction it to keep it from getting to her lungs so she doesn’t get sick. The bulb syringes don’t work at all (I’ve tried 3…) and a friend told me this one will actually get it out from higher up. I guess what they say about doing anything for your kids is true, because I did it. It really wasn’t that bad and it actually got her snot out! It freaks K out though and she does this little panicky flail that’s kind of pathetic but also cute. 

Snot-free breathing FTW!

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