Day 109: Super Bowl Sunday

Kensie is still stuffy and coughing but you wouldn’t know it. She was so happy today and the BEST baby. Absolutely zero tears were shed! 

Best kissin’ cheeks!

Kensie rocked her new romper from Uncle Rob to church and then went to brunch. She giggled and chatted and loved the company!

This afternoon K took the best nap for me!! I was able to get all of the dishes washed and laundry folded and still squeeze in a 30 minute nap before we had to get ready! Kensie had to do an outfit change to rep the Patriots for Sam Sam. 

She loves watching football!

Sam taught her all about the Patriots and Brady!

Kens wanted to stay awake for Lady Gaga since her mama taught her we watch the Super Bowl for the commercials and half time show, but she couldn’t quite hang. 

And the true highlight of the day – Ashley got me dairy-free ice cream so I could have super bowl dessert with everyone! 

Ash, you the real MVP.

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