Day 110

Monday after Super Bowl last year was when I found out I was pregnant with this little bundle of joy!

Kensie’s version of tummy time.

K baby had a pretty good day today and kept me on my toes. I was holding her and she pooped…so I waited a minute to make sure she was done and went to change her. She was still in her PJs so I took her legs out and when I went to move her clothes up I got a nice warm, wet surprise all over my hand. She had pooped up her back and I had no idea sooo my hand went right in it. Then the struggle was the fact that I had a baby, changing table and hand all covered in poop. I actually stood there for a second thinking what the hell do I do?! Solution: bath time.

Her normal 2ish hour nap was only 30 minutes today so she was a little cranky this afternoon. Of course she FINALLY fell asleep right before we had to leave for the store. 

I use her Binxy Baby all. the. time. and I also discovered a “hook” for the diaper bag on the cart so I thought I’d share! 

So many problems solved at once.

I wore Kens while I coached today and she passed OUT. She also went to bed pretty quickly when we got home. So thankful this little lady loves her sleep!

She was making her pterodactyl noise…

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