Day 111

I loved today because I got extra snuggle time with this boog this morning!

Thanks Kens.

Unlike yesterday, she took her whole 2.5 hour nap for me! I appreciated it even more this morning because I’ve had a headache all day. Thanks for cooperating, KB! 

We had to run some errands so she played while I got ready and then Kensie was the best shopping buddy. She chatted for a bit then took a nap. 

That. Face.

Kensie was the ultimate ham at the gym tonight. She was so happy all day and when we got there. When I went to set her in her swing she was not having it. She must have known Amanda only came because she wanted to hold her, ha! Amanda rocked her to sleep and she took a nap while I coached. Then she woke up happy as could be! She’s still stuffy and coughing but it isn’t seeming to phase her much. I’m hoping it fades in the next few days and this sweet girl can breath through her nose again! 

The barbells slamming and loud music works every time…

Always ends up with toys on her face.

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