Day 88: Giggly Girl

On Thursdays I coach in the mornings so K rocks her PJs to the gym! She was sleepy today and as much as I wanted to go back to bed with her, duty calls. Kensie was fussy (because she was tired and miss FOMO won’t just go to sleep) while I warmed the class up so I picked her up and she passed right out. 

…and then I set her back down so my arm didn’t fall off.

Bubble mouth

When we got home I went to feed her and she stopped eating after about a minute  and started WAILING. It was then I realized I forgot to give her the Zantac this morning. Holy. Cow. She surely reminded me. Mom fail. 

After that ended, Kensie was back to being my happy girl! Her days are becoming a little more predictable and it’s getting easier for me to figure out why she’s crying and fix it before it escalates. 

This afternoon I wore her in the ergo baby while I coached at 4 and she LOVED it. She stayed awake the whole time and just watched everyone. She even started chatting while I was coaching mobility. Kensie will be ready to take over in no time. πŸ˜‰

This is her “very serious talking to you” face.

After I worked out, KB was super giggly and I managed to get a little of it on video! This girl lovvvveeeessss kisses!


Day 86: Daddy Daycare

My phone freaked out trying to post this last night so we are going to attempt again tonight and have a double post… Kensie Brooke had a pretty good day! I had a doctor appointment this morning so K was watching baby Einstein while I got ready but she was over that in about 15 minutes so I laid her on her mat to play. She’s been so great on it! She loves holding the whale and kicking the crab. Today I guess it just wore her right out!

Play time…or nap time.

After that cuteness we had a slight meltdown this afternoon. And by slight I mean FULL. BLOWN. I took videos ​so that we could all enjoy this moment together. πŸ™„β€‹
And then the magic happens…

Tonight Chris took Kens home from the gym for me while I got to have a night out with one of my best friends! For my birthday, Casey got us passes for a paint party at a local pub. It was so nice to spend time together without the babies; but, I’m not quite at the point where I can completely relax knowing K is home struggling to fall asleep and pitching a fit for someone else. Daddy was a champion though and I came home to a sweet sleeping girl and an exhausted husband! 

Day 87: Smiles and Stinks!Β 

KB was the HAPPIEST baby today. Seriously. It was like a dream. And just on time because for some reason I was beyond exhausted all day long. She’s been fussing on car rides lately and today she didn’t fuss once in the car!! She looked around and kept putting her own pacifier back in and would put herself to sleep. 

We went to the chiropractor this morning and she’s been tootin all day since! 

Speaking of that…I was told that a baby’s poop doesn’t start to stink until they have food. Well, Kensie is 100% breastfed and this child has some stinky farts and you can most DEFINITELY smell it when she poops. (Also, she’s going to kill me when she’s 16 and reads this post. Sorry girlfriend, it’s the truth!)

Her cuteness overrides the stink.

Also, I thought I’d share her sumo pose with everyone. 

How my child sleeps…
Kens did get a little fussy tonight right before bed as she fought off sleep but she just wanted to be held. I was talking to my mom earlier tonight and telling her how lately, Kensie will get bored sitting somewhere and wants to be held and that when she’s overtired, she really just wants to be held by me. I was wondering if it’s a phase or if it’s from me holding her too much and was getting a little worried because it’s really hard for other people to watch her at night; she rarely goes to sleep for them and if she does, poor thing screams first. My mom told me “you really can’t spoil a baby. They just want to be held sometimes and that will be gone all too soon.” 

While it can get draining and overwhelming at times, I am so thankful that I am a comfort for Kensie and she trusts me to make things better. I love that I can pick her up and it stops her crying. I love that when she’s dozing off, that giving her kisses or staring at her daddy is what relaxes her enough to just fall asleep. I’ll take a sore arm and sore back and time out of any day if that’s what she needs right now; because, the reality is one day she won’t need me like that anymore and no matter how soon or late that day comes – I can guarantee I’ll never be ready for it. 

Day 85: Binxy Baby

Kensington was a little sweetheart today! She sat in her mamaroo for a bit this morning and then just wanted to hang out so she watched Baby Einsteins in my lap while I worked and eventually took a nap!

You do you, KB.

After she woke up we played some and Kensie discovered her legs on her play mat. 

I had to run some errands today but as I was getting ready the little nugget passed out in her chair. I got a few things done while she napped and when I went to check on her I discovered she was no longer sleeping. 

That vacuum noise…always.
Her faces kill me. πŸ˜‚ she was just sitting there like that. Not moving.

I got to use my new Binxy Baby today!!! It was AMAZING. This is the baby hammock I posted about last week. It holds the car seat or I can take her out and set her in it. I was able to take her and still have room in the cart! Brilliant. Easily one of the most useful Baby gadgets I own. 
So much room for activities!
Mission accomplished.

I didn’t take a photo, but this afternoon Sam and Will helped take care of Kens while I worked out. I am so thankful for such great friends that help so much!! I would only get in 1-2 workouts a week if it wasn’t for the Chris and the other awesome people that always help with K at the gym! She did lose her shit today, but of course Baby Whisperer Will was able to get her to calm down. He was also outside with her so I didn’t know – otherwise I would have stopped the WOD because it distracts me and I feel bad when other people have to deal with it! She got her Zantac earlier than usual this morning and was napping while I coached which is usually when she’s taking her bottle with her afternoon meds – so I’m thinking that may have been why she lost it. 

Tonight was BACHELOR night! Of course miss FOMO stayed awake the whole time. You know, can’t miss out! Other than fighting sleep she did great at girls night. As soon as we got home I put her in her crib and she was out like a light. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Girl, bye.

Day 83 & 84: WodapaloozaΒ 

We spent this weekend in Miami at Wodapalooza! Kensie had a super cute Goat outfit on (a Goat is the mascot for our gym, CrossFit East Orange. It stands for Greatest Of All Time), but she had an explosion at lunch and had to change. The best part was the BBQ place we were eating at had no changing tables and a really small bathroom, so I had to change her on the bench of a picnic table in the restaurant. Classy. 

Poop. Poop everywhere.

It was a fun day out at Wodapalooza cheering on Megan and watching the Elite athletes compete. 

We made Flat Michelle so she could still be there. πŸ˜‚

Kensie was so good this weekend and loved looking at all the people and lights. I wore her in the ergo baby most of the time which helped her relax a little and not get too overwhelmed. We took her our a few times when she got antsy and so my back got a break! She’s only about 11lb but it feels like 30 after standing and walking with it strapped to you for hours! 

Just hanging with Uncle Will!

Waiting on the Elite teams to come out!

And the baby whisperer is at it again! Too bad this photo doesn’t show how loud it was. This girl can sleep through anything!

The best part of this weekend is that Kensie started laughing!!! I was giving her kisses and she was making a funny face so I was laughing and she started cracking up!! It’s the most adorable thing ever. She even did it again when I went to show Chris! But…of course when we try to video it she stops. Such a ham. I’m determined to get it on camera this week!!!


Day 82&83: Chatter Box

Kensie babe has been a happy little chatter box the last 2 days! 

Always has to be part of the action.

We had lunch with Aunt Ashley, ran errands and did some shopping in the afternoon. 

Today we headed to Miami to go to Wodapalooza! Kensie was insanely good! She slept all morning while I packed and got ready and slept the whole way there. 

She loves it, can’t you tell? πŸ˜‚

Future Wodapalooza competitor!

She dozed off in her carrier a few times but kept waking up to be part of the action. Somehow Will got her to sleep!! 

First time she’s ever stayed asleep in this position. Good job Uncle Will! #babywhisperer

Overall she’s been an awesome baby the last 2 days. So happy and chatty…and we have a ROLLER!


Day 82: 12 Weeks!

I can’t believe this little nugget is 12 weeks old today! Time is flying by. 

Kensie made up for her insane crankiness and multiple meltdowns yesterday by being sweet, happy and chatty today! 

This was me trying to convince Kensie to go back to sleep this morning. She kept talking and wiggling but eventually she agreed.

She played Rollie pollie while I got ready!

She gets stuck on her side…lol

We went to Kensie’s Chiro appointment and then ran some errands! My 2.5 month old has her own iPad. Yep. And it’s sole purpose is to play the vacuum app when Kensie starts to fight off her naps. Works like a charm.


This afternoon Kensie was so good at the gym! She started to fuss a little as I was coaching so I picked her up and she passed out immediately. Then while I was working out, she hung out with Daddy and Aunt Char and was happy as can be just watching everyone! 

That tongue. πŸ˜‚

Hanging with Aunt Char!

Thanks for holding my high maintenance booty and letting me move around to see everything, daddy!

I’m learning her little quirks and tricks and I have noticed when I set her down she (usually) immediately fusses; however, if I walk away she gets quiet and will sit by herself just fine! If she sees or hears me (or if daddy goes up to her) she starts crying to be picked up again. I’m on to you, KB! Smart little cookie…This doesn’t apply when she’s having a meltdown, just when she’s “bored” at the gym sitting in her chair alone – wide awake! 

Speaking of wide awake, Kensie didn’t want to go to bed tonight. She loves to snuggle so I tried laying with her and singing her lullabies and she just kept talking the whole time – haha!! Along with the vacuum, she likes the sound of the shower. I needed to take a shower so I pulled her chair into the bathroom next to the shower door and turned it on to vibrate. If her pacifier fell out I’d reach out and stick it back in. She was passed out before I even finished washing my hair. BOOM! 

Kensie has discovered how to blow spit bubbles and she practices hourly…

Day 81: Mama’s girlΒ 

Well, today started off promising. Kensie gave me the amazing birthday gift of sleeping 14 hours last night only waking up twice for 10 minutes to eat!!

Doesn’t she look so innocent?

We met daddy for lunch and K was great until the very end. Chris got the check and I took Kensie to the bathroom to change her diaper and she went bananas. Out of no where, full fledged screaming when I laid her down. πŸ™„

That pretty much continued the rest of the day. She was so sleepy and fought it allll afternoon. K would only relax and doze off if I was holding her. 

Pot belly life.

I don’t know what her deal was. I love snuggling with her and that she’s relaxed when I hold her…but damn I need 5 seconds to do things like coach, workout and pee. 

Aunt Ashley watched her for us tonight while Chris took me to dinner for my birthday! 

Birthday Sushi!!!

Luckily she was great for her! They chatted and watched TV and K stayed awake the whole time (but no crying)! As soon as we got home and I took her out of her car seat she fell asleep in my arms and went right into her crib. Phew. She wore me OUT today! I love holding that sweet girl but I sure hope today was just a phase of fussiness! 

Day 79 & 80: Abort MissionΒ 

Yep. I’m posting 2 days combined again…because, life. 

Yesterday K was pretty fussy all day – but she did giggle for the first time!!! It was adorable. We missed getting it on video, but this is what Uncle Will kept doing that she found hilarious!

After church I had some work to get done and ALL the babies wanted attention. Kensie needed me to keep the pacifier in her mouth and the dogs felt the need to be involved as well. 

So needy
I got a little work done and then Kensie went into super high maintenance mode and just wanted to be held. She kept falling asleep but if I set her down she’d wake up and start crying. Actually every time she woke up in general she started crying. I was wondering if she was getting sick because she had a few coughs and a stuffy nose, but she seems okay today. 

Mistake: holding her in my right arm. Not easy to type with my left…

I called my friend Casey last night and asked her some questions about baby Zantac. Her daughter was on it so I was looking for some feedback on how she knew if it was working. Ultimately, I decided to stop giving her the medicine last night. Holllly mistake. 

My little Kensington was NOT having it today. Lost her shit. More than once. Needless to say she’s back on it. 

And then she’s super cute so I can’t ever be mad at her…

We did have a special visit from Auntie Keelin! I was a slacker and didn’t get a photo of them, but other than a breakdown right before she left, K was pretty good and slept through lunch! (Thankfully)

Kensie went to the chiropractor again today! I have noticed such a difference in Ks comfort level the past 2 weeks. She doesn’t struggle to go to the bathroom or pass gas and hasn’t taken Mylicon at all the last few days!! Progress!

Also, I FINALLY took a video of the burping technique. My phone is awesome and always runs out of storage, so it cut off before her burp – but I promise it worked. (Right, Emily? Thanks for videoing for us!)

Today was one of those days I just had to take a deep breath, relax and tell myself “it’s ok. She’s a baby. She’s going to cry and sometimes I won’t be able to fix it. We’re all gonna be alright.” 

Worth it πŸ’•

Day 77&78: Bye Aunt Shell!

It’s been a crazy past 2 days but the good news is we have one super happy baby girl lately!!! My app has been freezing so these posts are slightly late. Better late than never?

On Friday we had a girls day with Aunt Shell and got some pampering! Kensie chatted the entire time we got pedicures until she fell asleep. She kept everyone entertained and I was thankful she wasn’t crying! 

We are going to have a serious chatterbox on our hands in a few months!

Then we had a lunch date with Brittney! Kensie loved girl chatting and wanted to sit at the table with us the whole time. (That’s my nice way of saying she wouldn’t nap or stay in her stroller). 

Friday night we had a surprise going away dinner for Aunt Shell since she leaves this weekend for deployment. Kensie’s grandma, B and Papa John came down to watch her while we went out!

Thanks for taking care of our little girl so we could have a night out!

She gave them quite the challenge and cried before bed, but with the vacuum app and her wubanub, they put her in her crib and she stopped crying and put herself to sleep! 

Aunt Shell’s going away dinner!

Yesterday morning Kensie was the best baby EVER and took a 90 minute nap with me after the gym!!

Michelle’s going away WOD!

Yeah…she didn’t quite make it out of her PJs that early. πŸ˜‰

Sweet snuggle bug loves sleeping in the big bed!

Kensie’s growing so fast. She seems like a whole new baby this week than she was last week. She loves to give huge smiles and looks at you when you chat with her! She’s grabbing things and playing and loves to be part of the action. I am loving watching her change and grow and see her sweet personality start to come out!

Big girl out her paci in her mouth by herself!