Day 76: Scream-Free

Y’all. We made it all day with no tears. THANK YA SWEET BABY JESUS! Anytime she fussed, I made it a priority to solve her issue before it got worse. I was the cry baby intercepting QUEEN today. That meant walking the dogs twice and eating lunch with one hand. WORTH IT!

Mom – 1. KB – 0

When the guys were watching Football on TV this past weekend I noticed Kensie kept staring at it. She’s now at the age she can make out shapes and see colors (or so I’m told). I put her in her mamaroo this morning, you know, the one I had to wash since she pooped in it yesterday…and after a few minutes she started fussing for attention. I was starving and remembered her looking at the TV. I moved her mamaroo over, turned on Veggietales and BAM! Silent baby. 15 minutes later she was napping. 

Mom – 2. KB – 0

[For the mom police out there: Don’t tell me not to use the TV as a babysitter and that it was a “bad mom” move. If you feel that strongly about it, come on over for an hour each morning while I pee, eat breakfast, get dressed, attempt to do some laundry and actually get to enjoy a cup of coffee while it’s still hot. I’d greatly appreciate you.]

Later in the morning we headed over to see Dr. Christina again and K got her second adjustment at Revival Chiropractic! She was happy and smiley the entire time.

She loves Dr. Christina!

I have noticed since her adjustments she doesn’t struggle as much to release gas in the mornings! She used to wake up grunting and start fussing/crying because she couldn’t fart. Now it’s a little wiggle and she feels better, haha!

Kensie is very relaxed when she gets adjusted and today she got back in her car seat and went right to sleep – no fussing at all!

Happy little ham!

This afternoon we headed to the gym, which is Kensie’s favorite part of the day because she LOVES attention. She shared lots of smiles with everyone!

When we got home, I straight WON at momming and this girl was bathed, fed and in her crib asleep in less than 90 minutes with no meltdowns!

Mommy’s lap > Mamaroo
I still hadn’t eaten dinner at this point so we will give K the point here. Mom – 2. KB – 1

When I moved her to her crib she started fighting off sleep. When her pacifier fell out she’d wake back up and consider crying. I downloaded her vacuum sound app to the iPad and stuck that baby in the crib with her. 

This was before 8pm. That’s easily 10 points for me. Mom – 12. KB – 1

If I had a case for trophies, I’d add today’s “momming” one right on top. 

OH! I met a momma at Target today with a baby hammock in her cart. SAY WHAT?! I wanted to get in that thing myself. Then I remembered I had a baby so it wouldn’t be totally weird for me to ask her what it was. It holds the car seat OR the baby and leaves room for your things to still fit in the cart. It’s called a Binxy Baby. Genius. You know K has one on the way!!!

Day 75: Poop. Poop everywhere. 

Vacation must’ve worn this nugget OUT. She slept until 10am today! 

All about that snuggle life.

Then our morning got really interesting…I never knew one child could poop so much. I left for 20 minutes to go pick up Jack (our dog) and Michelle was watching Kensie. When I got back, she had bathed and changed her because she pooped up her back. One explosive session isn’t much of a shock – but 30 minutes later she had an explosive episode AGAIN. 

At first glance, it’s just one happy Kensie Brooke!
Let me zoom that in for you…

The photo does it no justice. Her mamaroo was covered in poo. We had to take it apart wipe it down for a preliminary clean and then wash it. 

After the 3rd explosion of the day, we gave up on dressing her. The sink was full of stained onsies soaking and we didn’t have interest in adding another. (For the record: Oxi Clean powder works wonders!!! Just fill the sink, toss in a scoop, and let them sit for a few hours. Always gets her stains out!)

Just helping us work today!

She was the best little chill baby at gym this afternoon. She took a quick nap, had a bottle from daddy then watched me workout. 

Power nap!

Aunt Shell took her home after we worked out since we had a late coaches meeting toinight. She said after her bottle K had a rough scream session and completely lost it. I was told to give the Zantac 1-2 weeks before seeing results. As of today it’s been 2 weeks and she’s still having meltdowns so I really don’t think it’s silent reflux. I’m going to talk to her doctor about officially taking her off if it and just hope she grows out of the screaming. If I had to pick my poison, I can suffer through one meltdown a day  if it means she will keep up her awesome sleeping habits!

In the postpartum world,  I’m slowly making progress. My core is still extremely weak compared to what it used to be (obviously). Here’s a snipet of today’s workout. It was all lifting and though it looks like you need strong arm and leg muscles for this – your core is actually the key player here! 

I had to scale the weight to 85, 95 and 105. This is the last set of the last round. 

It doesn’t look like much, but when I first came back I couldn’t stabilize this much weight over my head for one rep without it going into my back to compensate for my weakened core. Slowly but surely!

Day 74: Back to Florida

Today we took the long trek back home! Kensie babe was such a great road tripper, once again. She ate. She slept. She pooped. 

Those cheeks!!! Excuse the blur.

I’m basically a pro at pumping in the car now. 

I was starting to worry a little about my supply last week. Since I coach/workout during one of her feedings, I usually pump one side in the morning while she eats off the other so I have a bottle for her in the afternoon. It was always about 3oz or just over, but last week I was barely getting to 2. I’d have to pump a second time later in the day to get enough for her bottle. I was starting to stress about when I’ll be able to start saving milk since we are going on a weekend trip without her in the beginning of March. I also had a few dizzy episodes. One started right after a workout last Tuesday and then I got random ones throughout the day Wednesday as well. I would get really light headed and feel like I was going to pass out. 

I upped my water consumption the last 5 days (staying hydrated is not one of my strengths) and made sure I got enough calories in – and it is definitely showing in my supply. Also I don’t feel like I’m going to faint anymore, so I have that going for me. 

Pumping the last few days as been quick and easy and I have plenty of milk to feed the little chunker. It’s a lot of work and for someone like me who likes to not stop moving until I get EVERYTHING done, and it can get really tough to schedule around feedings, but I am so thankful for the ability to breastfeed.

I mentioned I upped my calories and boy do I wish I could say they were good ones. Haha!  While I do think breast feeding has helped with getting my pre-baby body back, I am starting to see the side effects of enjoying the holiday goodies a little too much. Of course when I mention love handles my sweet friends give me the “shut up, you just had a baby” excuse. While I do appreciate the sympathy – no girl. It’s from the 16lb of sugar I just inhaled. 
I am so ready to get back on track now that vacation is over! I’ve decided to host a free 7-day “New Year Jumpstart” to kick it off. We will officially start this Sunday! If anyone would like to join, I’ll post the guideline and menu here: 

I’ll set the sign up up tomorrow and we will get rolling! 

Day 73: Off to a great start for 2017!

They say how you spend the first day of the year is how you’ll spend the rest. Well, if Kensie spends the next 364 being the same awesome baby she was today – I am in!

Slept in until 9a. WIN.

We had an awesome day visiting Soco Falls!

That’s Chris down there…

And he literally scaled the side of the mountain to get back.

We headed to a brewery in the afternoon and they didn’t have a changing table, so I made one out of the chairs. Just add that to my application for “Parent of the Year” award. 

She’s smiling because she pooped up her back and I had to change her whole outfit.

Kensie was great today and I am so thankful! She woke up so happy and stayed that way all day. She only got fussy when she was tired and sure enough the foot method worked AGAIN!

Her hat is sideways but she obviously doesn’t mind! Cheesin’ hard.

One of the girls on the trip with us has a little girl that had really bad gas issues when she was a baby. She showed me a way she used to burp her and Kens LOVED laying there with the pressure on her tummy!

The belly burp.

I know I still haven’t posted the other burping video that I said I would. It’s coming. Promise!

Day 72: New Years Eve!


I couldn’t think of a better way to close out the year than by waking up to this sweet girl and that gorgeous view!

Little boo, the Smokey Mountains and a coffee. Perfection.

Today we went on a hike to see a waterfall! It was gorgeous and K loved being in her ergo baby carrier. She had big eyes for a while then she was so cozy she passed right out. 

This morning K had a meltdown/scream fest and it made momma cry too. Daddy had to take over. The day started off promising then went from 0 to 100 in a second. Oye. Once he settled her down she went right to sleep and the rest of the day she was SO good! 

She started crying this afternoon as she fought off a nap, but I laid her down and did the foot thing to her again (That I mentioned in yesterday’s post) and it worked!!! She stopped crying, laid there and looked around and chatted for a while, then passed out! 3/3 times it’s been a success!

She wouldn’t let go of my lip for a solid 5 minutes. But, she was happy…

This evening K got dressed up for NYE dinner in her fancy dress from Gramma!!! She loved sitting in it and chatting and participated in our photos for the most part. 😉

Hopefully K will be sleeping by midnight, but we gave her her kiss early! 

FaceTime with Gramma!
Ooookay mom and dad.
Guys, that’s enough.
Seriously. Stop. 😂

Ohhh this girl. Such a ham!!

So thankful for all of the amazing memories 2016 has made and looking forward to many more great times with our family and friends in 2017!