Day 438-439

We had our first blood shed today…don’t call DCF. It was just her toe. 😝

Her little Hobbit feet 😂…sorry about your luck, Kens.

K thought it was a good idea to pull my laptop off of the couch and it fell on her poor little chunk foot.

After a few tears, she was over it and on to pushing her stroller around the house. Her stroller quickly turned into her high chair. 😂

I promise she wasn’t starved. She’d already had a bottle and when I offered breakfast and tried to put her in it about 10 minutes before this video, she told me no.

K proceeded to devour my egg casserole. Yesterday at lunch, she shoved a whole mushroom and piece of chicken into her mouth.

Always fake eating  

For the grand finale…SHE. ATE. DINNER!!!

Guys. Like real food. Ground turkey. Avocado. Dried raspberries. I’d say I figured out her secret but I need to make sure it works again before I get too confident. Give this girl a “real” plate, fork and spoon, and boom! I know I sound ridiculous but I was so happy I could have cried. I thought this girl may never eat anything other than goldfish and yogurt.

K put the food in her mouth with her fingers, then fake ate with her fork. Whatever works, girl. You do you.

Last headline of the day: Kensie is going to college! Well. Maybe. 😉 We felt like very responsible parents today as we set up K’s Florida Prepaid account! I did a ton of research on all of the “what ifs” on our road trip to Atlanta over the New Year and we knew we needed to get our butts in gear on something because the time is already passing way too quickly!

Kens – as you read this blog years from now, YOU’RE WELCOME. (You should probably make us breakfast in bed and be extra sweet to me and dad today. 😜)

The rest of the day involved 2 solid naps and a pooped out KB. She also bit everything she could physically get her mouth on. Including the side of the bathtub. I can see the white where her molars are coming in…poor babe. It’s taking it out of her!

Such a rough life. 
Slouching on back. She gets the drama from her daddy  😜

After her (real) dinner, she capped off the night with some daddy snuggles and a bedtime story.

The sweetest view 😍

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