Day 433-437

Happy New Year!!! Full transparency: I started thinking we were at a good stopping point for the blog. Then I started seeing all of my old posts on the “On This Day” feature on on Facebook and it’s awesome to be able to look back like that! So, here we are. It may just be for me, but the life of KB through a blog shall continue.

KB had quite the weekend celebrating her friend Addison’s first birthday, Christmas with her Great Grandma and slumber partying at Gramma’s House for a few nights! (Photo overload, coming right up.)

Lady A’s first birthday! Their first “fight” 😂
Bag lady back in action. She brought Addison her gifts.
Love these sweet girls! Of course K had to give a hug. Such a lover!
Long day of parties meant snuggles with dad.
K and her Great Grandma Carol!
She gave K a musical teddy bear from when she was a baby! 😭
NYE Party ready at Gramma’s!

Kens has been a pro at going up stairs for a while; this weekend she mastered going down them, too. To clarify, I’m not being sarcastic and she didn’t bust her face open. She actually learned to “sit and scooch” her way down. 😂

Today K got to hang with her friend James at the Orlando Science Center! She was way calmer than I imagined she’d be. I think she was taking it all in! She LOVED that there were balls everywhere and she made sure to throw all of them.

She loved the textures on the wall! 

Hey there, KB! 
Ball party! 
Balls are to be thrown. Always. All of them. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Alysia got her to put them where they actually go a few times. 
…more balls 

She loved the water table! But she was too short to reach any of it so my back did not love it. Lol
Queen (K)B loved being pulled up and riding the chair down as she enjoyed her snack. 

Well, due to my lack of posts lately, this one is basically a picture book. 😝 There’s the jist of what KB has been up to lately. The rest of her non-pictured activities have involved standing in her potty, stringing her toys across the house, screeching like a pterodactyl, napping like a boss and chugging milk like she’s starved!

Here’s to another great year of watching KB grow!

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