Day 442-445

It’s been a busy couple of days for KB! Today, we got to meet one of Kensie’s future best friends: Niall Read!

And K had to hug him of course ❤️

She actually let me hold him for an hour without getting jealous! Not sure if she just wasn’t jealous, or if she enjoyed going up and down the stairs too much to care.

K was a great road trip buddy and even though she only napped for about 20 minutes out of the 4 total hours we were in the car, she managed to entertain herself with her puppy and imagination. She would “talk” on and on about something then burst out laughing.

She kept hanging her leg over the side of her seat  

And fun fact for everyone who says you shouldn’t buy babies clothes because they grow out of them in a week: This romper has fit her for the last 8 months now. I was scrolling through photos and have a picture of her in it back in June. 😆

Just waiting on that growth spurt…

We’ve been working a lot on using words instead of dinosaur calls to get attention. If you asked me Monday I would say it’s going to be a complete failure. As of today, it’s actually looking promising. She’s progressed to coming to find me (in the house), patting my leg and pointing for me to follow her. It’s usually to help her pull something out of her crib. 😂 Kens discovered she can grab things through the slats. I’ve been trying to keep her pacifier in there for only nap and bedtime but she’s been “rescuing” it.

Her other favorite thing of the week is to drink water out of my large water cup. She’s also learned how to shake her head “no”. Luckily, she hasn’t started saying it yet.


K has been a happy girl all week and took great naps. She was extra excited to celebrate my birthday. Not because she knew it was, but because she thought someone got her a balloon. 🙄

That’s her “I’m about to put this in my mouth” face

K is ready for her 16th birthday already.

She discovered the horn 😖😂
1 going on 16 

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