Day 446-450

I got my KB back today!!!

I had a fun weekend in Nashville but I sure did miss this nugget.

Thank God for FaceTime!
That smile ❀️

Friday KB refused to sleep. Maybe she just wanted to soak in every minute with me before I left. πŸ˜‰

Nap or not, still happy.

Luckily she turned that around over the weekend while Gramma was here!! All the playing wore her right out.

Playground time with Gramma!

Best part of the weekend? SHE HAS BEEN EATING LIKE A CHAMP! K had “real” food for every meal and didn’t turn down anything Gramma offered. She even snuck some green beans into her spaghetti. 😜

Kensie was the happiest little lady today. Lots of giggles, hugs and naps with zero fussing! She probably thought it was the best day ever because she got her very own balloon from Publix!

KB is obsessed with balloons. She spent the morning carrying my birthday balloon around the house…

Along with her giggles, Kensie was a chatter box today!!! She said “mama” a lot this morning AND “baby”! Mama was actually “mamamamaaaaa” and baby was repeated when they said it on TV. Tonight before bed she was waking down the hall to me as I was putting some of her toys away and she said “uh oh”. πŸ˜‚ I think that’s my favorite.

That’s about it for the weekend recap. Well that, and GO JAGS!

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