Day 451-452

These last two days have been night and day with this little firecracker!

Yesterday KB was the HAPPIEST little girl. All smiles and giggles and babbling.

Today? She woke up at 4:30am, I’m still not sure why. K was happy until nap time, but when she woke up she was a grouch. It definitely could have been worse, but the constant whining over anything and everything was more than enough for me today.

I know she looks super sweet and innocent here. The reality is the only thing that kept her from grabbing my legs and fussing nonstop was letting her empty the bathroom cabinet while I got ready.

Yesterday we went to the playground after I coached because the weather was too gorgeous to not be outside! She loved the slide, car and sitting on my lap to swing. Apparently that was much more fun than swinging on her own!

There were 2 little boys there that kept following her around wanting to play. She put them in their place and had them “drive” her around. 😂

She just sat there swinging her legs. Kid was killing me.

These next 2 videos are to recap our evening. For your entertainment…

And this, is my sweet little angel baby at her finest. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I took the water cup away from her before it went everywhere, and this is what she did.

Takes baby pterodactyl to a WHOLE new level. Her punishment was chores.

(I am obviously kidding for those that don’t get it. She just likes carrying bags…)

Y’all. Pray for me.

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