Day 129 & 130

Oh my little ham! What a weekend. K was suuuuupper fussy on Saturday since she missed both her naps. πŸ™„

“But playing is so much more fun momma!”

It was a rough afternoon for mom and dad since our backs were super sore from 17.1 and the only way Kensie was happy was being held while standing…figures. 

Afternoon chats with dad by the pool!

Sunday was MUCH better! Kens slept 14 hours, got to play in her new jumper when she got up and still took her morning nap.

After she got up, we had a little Sunday Funday down at Lake Eola and Kensington was the absolute BEST! 

“You brought a baby? To a bar?!”

Sunday Funday with Uncle Rob and Aunt Char!

At Kensie’s appointment this week her doctor said we could start feeding her rice cereal to get her used to a spoon before she starts solids at 6 months…..hahahah. Kensie HATED it, but it was solid entertainment for us!

Not the boob, huh? #strugglebus

Daddy’s finger is much better.

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