Day 131

Uh oh…we have a TEETHER!!! Instead of ruining her outfit with poop today, she drooled all over it instead. 

Drool stains are now “in”.

I’m a fan though. At least I can leave her in the outfit and not look like a bad mom. Leaving her in shit stained clothes is frowned upon for some reason. 

I’m half terrified, have relieved. At Kensie’s 4 month appointment I asked about taking her off the Zantac. She told me to drop the dose to once a day for 3-4 days then stop it all together if she seemed fine. 

Kensie has been fussier than usual so I assumed it was the medicine since that’s all that changed. Today, her CHOMPING on my fingers made me realize otherwise.  K’s obsession with putting everything in her mouth has been turned up about 6 more notches. She pulls my arm into her while I change her diaper and tries to devour me. She’s no longer “suckling”. She’s like a mini jaws. Lord help me if she does that once the teeth break through. Can we say “bottle fed”?!

Yeah yeah, you’re cute.

I was really excited Kensie kept her situation in her diaper today because I loved her outfit. Also because everytime I hear that dreaded, bubbling noise, she’s usually on some sort of fabric that I don’t want to have to clean. 

Rufflebutt’s newest model.

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