Day 132

Ohh mamas. Momming is hard. And not for the obvious reasons like lack of sleep, someone constantly needing you and the energy it takes just trying to keep a mini human alive in general.

My mini human.

It’s hard because of social media. It’s hard because of opinions. It’s hard because in our generation, opinions are way too easy to share and keyboard warriors are assholes that post rude things without a second thought because they’re behind the security of a screen. 

When I was pregnant, a friend of mine added me to a mom’s group on Facebook. 90% of the time they post ridiculous drama that isn’t at all useful for a new Mom, but I stayed in because it was like watching a train wreck – and you just can’t turn your head on that!

Every now and then there are useful posts and people share helpful resources. More often than not, there’s moms telling other moms they’re going to kill their child because they gave them Tylenol instead of Motrin, didn’t take them to the doctor when they sneezed twice in a row and how “in that one picture they posted” there was an outlet not covered in the background and therefore, call DCF. 

Recently a mom posted asking if anyone had heard about putting whiskey on babies gums for teething. From some of the responses she got you’d think she asked about taking her baby to the local bar and going shot for shot with them. 

Get. The. Hell. Out. 

We need to support each other. Stop sharing opinions and share experiences. What worked for you may not work for someone else. What you think is best, someone else may not. 

No one cares what you think/feel about breast milk v formula. They care that their baby is fed no matter what method it is that can keep them alive. 

No one cares if you think cosleeping is right or wrong. They’re going to do what works for them. 

What happened to just sharing things that may have helped you and how/why? Why is the other Mom “wrong” because it didn’t work like that for her?

As a country, ladies have been extremely outspoken lately. “We” march for equal rights and complain left and right about not being appreciated. How about we start with appreciating each other? 

Aside from that, for the friends and family that check this blog for updates on K: she had a great day and so did I! She’s completely off her Zantac and very little fussing occurred. She played, napped and let me get work done…and my day was great because my hair fell out way less today than yesterday! (Why does no one tell you this is going to happen?! I have lost enough hair in a single day to create a small animal.)

Sophie for the teething save today!! (Yes I know mold can grow in it. I’m going to cut it open.)
Never mind. Lucy for the save. Kensie loves her puppies and sharing her toys…πŸ™„

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