Day 133

Today was a loud day in the life of Kensie Brooke. Or maybe just a loud day for me. Homegirl found her voice today…over and over and over again. She was screaching at the TV at the top of her lungs just having a grand ole time! If we are friends on Snapchat, you got to witness a lot of Kensie Pterodactyl Hall today. 

KB had a good day but her naps were way too short. Luckily, she was extremely happy in between them so I was still able to get some work done. 

I call this her throne. She poops in it every time she sits there. Which is why I didn’t put her outfit on yet. (Work smarter not harder ;))

Kensie wanted to take her long nap RIGHT before I had to leave for the gym. Figures. Thanks girlfriend. I woke her up to put her in her car seat and I paid for it at the gym. Sleepy girl was nice and cranky because her FOMO wouldn’t let her sleep when she got there. 

“Who’s ready to party guys? Play with me!”
The self entertainment only lasted about 15 minutes today.
K has been loving naps in the ergo baby at the gym; so when she got to her non-stop fussy phase of tired, I put her on and she went right to sleep! I think it’s the combination of being held and it also blocking her sight some so she can relax. It’s wonderful while I coach. It’s not so wonderful when I want to workout. We improvised today. 


​After the gym we had to run to the grocery store and Kensie shared her smiles with EVERY one that walked by her. And for the ?? night in a row, her sleep sack has worked and she put herself to sleep in her crib once again!!! I hope I don’t jinx it, but it’s amazing while it lasts. 

My sweet little ham!

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