Day 134

They say babies grow so fast and you’ll forget all of “this”. How true it is. K is barely 4 months old and I’ve already forgotten how to swaddle her, haha!!! She was sweating in the halo sack last night so I decided to use the good ole fashion thin blanket to keep my little arm flailer asleep tonight. After 3 tries, I sort of remembered how to do it. I am going to blame it on her being much larger than she used to be. I put her in her crib and when I went to check on her less than 5 minutes later she had both arms free. She was also asleep…so either way you look at it, I win. 

Can’t keep those hands away

Kensie was extra sleepy tonight – of course. She must have known we had to be at the gym late so I wouldn’t be able to get her in bed on time. 

This is her “how dare you set me down but I’m trying to keep my eyes closed” face.

After I coached we came home so I could bathe Kens and get her in her PJs. She fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep the ENTIRE time I got ready. Normally she wakes up when I take her out of the car or at least a few minutes after being inside. Nope. I had to wake her up to get her to eat and change. 


Her newest thing is refusing to sleep in her swing at the gym. She’ll fall asleep if I wear her and when I set her down it lasts maybe 2 minutes and wakes up. I didn’t even attempt it tonight. When we got to the gym I put her straight in her ergo baby and she stayed asleep for the entire event. Hallelujah! 

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