Day 128

There’s no mistaking it. She’s my child. Kensie kept pulling my coffee to her so I went with it. When she got it to her mouth she went to TOWN! ​

​​This morning started off promising as miss thing slept great last night and into the morning. I actually got up first because 17.1 destroyed my back and laying down was not comfortable. 

K’s cocoon

I had a ton of work to get done today. It’s like K knows when I have a lot to do and boycotts her naps accordingly. She was great at playing and keeping herself occupied for the most part but she wore me out today!

Since Kensie’s still not been eating long enough, I pumped her a bottle to make sure she got the “fatty milk” in. She held it all by herself!!!

And yes, I still use her Christmas bottle.

KB made up for her sleepless day by napping the entire time I was coaching. The catch? I was wearing her the whole time. 2.5 hours of an almost 15lb nugget hanging from me…I scheduled a massage for tomorrow on the way home. 

Kens put herself to bed in her crib again tonight and I think all 3 of us are more than ready for the weekend!

Our 2nd home…

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