Day 127

For my fellow CrossFitters: 17.1 is BRUTAL. Kensie sends her support to you all – she obviously loves the dumbbell unlike her momma! 

Kensington had her first meltdown in a long time tonight. Poor babe. She was SO good for me all day while I was crazy busy. 

Chris doesn’t coach Thursday mornings so she got some morning playtime in with daddy!

Daddy makes her so happy!!
Look at me, mom!

I on the other hand do coach on Thursday morning. I stayed after to clean up and get some work done and Kens was such a trooper for me!! She hung out in her chair, napped and played with her elephant. 

Her smiles when she first wakes up are my favorite!

This evening we had to go back up to the gym for the first CrossFit Open viewing party of 2017! I fed Kens when we got home and she ate maybe 3 minutes and REFUSED to eat any more. I pumped the rest in a bottle and packed it. Sure enough, about 45 minutes later as soon as we go to leave she LOSES IT. She screamed the entire drive back to the gym and had red dots all over face from it. ๐Ÿ˜” We got there and she chugged her bottle like she’d never eaten before. She fought sleep a little after but eventually passed out and slept while I worked out. 

Such a little handful!

When we got back home she ate for about 10 straight minutes!!! PR!!!!!!!! She had a few “longer” stretches of eating today than she has lately. I have to make sure I don’t do anything to distract her while she’s eating. If I scroll on my phone and a video plays and makes noise, game over. K wants to look around and roll over and see what she’s missing. She’s really taking her FOMO to a new level with this!!! 

I hope she starts eating normally again soon because even though the doctor said it’s fine, it’s stressing this momma out! 

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