Day 126

This is Kensie taking a selfie. It’s also her trying to eat my phone. 

We had quite the long day and this little girl was such a trooper!! We drove to Jax to visit a friend for a little and we made a quick pit stop to surprise grandma at work. 

Gramma was THRILLED incase that grin doesn’t give it away. What this photo doesn’t show was that Kensie ruined this outfit and had to be changed. πŸ™„ She actually wore a total of 4 outfits today. Maybe that’s part of the reason I am exhausted!

Then we got to spend some time with Aunt Keelin and Bogey! Kensie lovesss puppy dogs so that was the highlight of her visit. That and pooping on her other shirt…

We made it back to the gym this afternoon and KB was giggly and talkative and happy as can be! 

This is her “talking” face. She takes her screaming very seriously.
And this is her “I crack myself up” face.

And somehow, even though she slept in the car the entire way there and back and took a nap at Caitlin’s…she dozed off again at the gym. This child most definitely has my sleeping habits. 

We need our beauty rest!

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