Day 125

Phew! We made it. Kensington’s 4 month check up went great. Maybe I’m alone on this, but as a mom I always feel like her checkups are an evaluation of how I’m doing. Today, I passed the exam! Haha 

I was worried the doctor may suggest to stop breastfeeding or introduce solids sooner than I wanted to when I told her about K’s short feedings and green poop from not getting enough hindmilk. Since her weight, hydration and temperament were all great, the doctor wasn’t concerned at all. She said keep at it and we can introduce a little rice cereal at night just to get her used to spoon feeding!

Anyways, not only have I kept her alive but she’s super healthy, in the 54th percentile for height and weight, and all of her motor skills are excelling! Homegirl is STRONG. The Pregnant CrossFit must have gotten to her. πŸ˜‰

After her appointment Kensie was super happy all day. She was even laughing in her sleep while I was at the store…I caught the tail end of it!! 

And this is now how Kens watches TV…

Work that core, little lady!
Tonight I fed K in our bed before I put her in her crib. I just washed our sheets so the comforter was bunched up and I laid her on it for a second so I could get up and put her to bed and she passed out! It was too sweet. I didn’t want to move her! 

I guess I’m not too bad at this whole mom thing. Bring on baby 2! 

HAHAHHA just kidding, Chris. Kinda. 

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