Day 124:K is 4 months old!

All the feels…my baby girl is 4 months old today! She’s so much fun right now – I wish I could freeze time.  

Work that camera, K baby!
I’m excited for her check up tomorrow to find out her length and weight! She just moved into her 3-6mo clothes and is growing like a weed! 

Kensie LOVES to be told she’s cute and gives the biggest smiles when people say “hi” to her! She also wants to eat everythinggggg. I can no longer hold her when I eat because she either tries to grab my food or dive in and eat it herself! 

Kens. Stop eating that.
Who, me?
Okay I’ll eat this one instead.
Kensie loves kisses and attention and has started playing with toys. She reaches for things and grabs them. Her coordination is getting better and if she tries long enough she can get her pacifier in her mouth all by herself! 

She loves sleeping and naps (thank ya Jesus!) and puts herself to bed when I put her in a swaddle! She also loves when momma rocks her to sleep if she’s cranky from being overtired. K is the best shopping buddy and sidekick. I’m so thankful I get to spend each day with my little mini me and watch her grow! 

Morning coaching for mommy means PJs for Kens!

All my mommy friends out there with newborns: it gets easier and better and more fun every, single, day! 

Happy 4 months KB!!! I love you so very much!

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