Day 123

Guess who discovered their feet?!

So along with the fact that Kensie puts EVERYTHING in her mouth lately, I think it’s safe to say these feet will be next. She grabbed them for the first time this morning then everytime I laid her on her back today it’s been her immediate go to. 

K has still been funny about her eating the last few days. She’s been eating longer than she was but once she stops to be burped she WILL NOT eat off that side again. I have to switch to the other side because she wants it to come out faster – but she isn’t getting enough hind milk (the high fat milk) when she does that and she’s getting the green algae poop again from it. πŸ˜ͺ She just won’t eat. She lays there wiggling, looking around or shoves her fingers in her mouth. Not sure what to do if she keeps this up, other than give her a bottle to make sure she gets it all. K has a check-up Tuesday so I’m hoping the doctor says this is normal or that she stops on her own.  

The only funny part about that is she pooped all over Chris today and it made me laugh way too hard to help him at first. πŸ˜‚ 

“No Jenn, seriously, come here! It’s all over me! Stop laughing! It’s on the couch!!” 

This was her post-bath apology. πŸ˜‚

Kensie took a quick nap this afternoon and woke herself up to this nonsense. 

Not quite where that goes.

We had dinner reservations tonight for a friend’s birthday so Sam came over to watch Kensie. Since she didn’t nap this afternoon, K got pretty cranky around 5:30. She fell asleep before Sam got there at 6 and didn’t wake up the entire time we were gone. 

When we got back I fed her and put her in the magic swaddle in her crib and it was another successful night of putting herself to sleep! 

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