Day 122

Can this baby girl please stop growing so quickly?! I packed away more of her “too small” clothes today and I feel like they stopped fitting her overnight! 

Kensie had a super sleepy Saturday (just call me Ms. Suess). Not sure if it’s a growth spurt or she just really likes to sleep and finally had some time to relax in the commotion that is our lives! 

Let mom & dad get in a whole morning workout together!

Amanda asked to hang with Kens this afternoon (we have the most amazing friends) just so we could have some free time! We’ve left K multiple times but it’s always been for a “reason”. It was a strange feeling taking a shower, going to lunch and running errands together without our nugget but she loves Miss Amanda and sweet Enzo!

We picked her up this afternoon and she took another nap…

We were supposed to go to dinner so I gave Kensie an early bath and had her play on her mat for a bit while I did some things around the house. She got fussy pretty quickly so I put her in her chair thinking she’d watch TV. 5 minutes later she put herself to bed!

…those PJs were too big on her last week. 😩

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