Day 121

Welp, I spoke too soon. It was definitely a phase and miss thing was back in full force on that chug life today. 

Little miss also slept until 9am!!! She’s been waking up between 6-7 each day lately so it was a wonderful surprise. She slept amazing in her swaddle last night. I’m hoping it wasn’t just luck. 

Snug life!

KB had a great Friday full of friends! We met Casey, Riley and Harper at Starbucks and spent the morning doing a little shopping! We were slackers and didn’t take a picture. K had on one of my favorite outfits today then right before we left she ruined it with poo and we had to change. ๐Ÿ™„ She was eating and I knew she went but it sounded small and harmless. When I went to burp her, her back was wet. Thanks girlfriend. I’ll spare sharing the picture with you guys today. 

This afternoon we got to meet baby Kynslee! Both the little ladies slept while the mommas got to chat and soak in baby snuggles. 

After a full day, this little one didn’t even wake back up to be put in her car seat to leave the gym. Loves her sleep just like momma! 

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