Day 120

Kensie has officially declared all meal times as play time. πŸ™„ Other than her night feedings where she’s half asleep and gets right to business, lately when I feed her she just stops eating and starts looking around. She stares. She waves her hand around. Starts to eat again for a few seconds. Stops again. Looks up. Smiles. Eats again. Stops again. Okay Kens you’re cute and all but EAT, CHILD!

Those thighs say she must be getting enough…

It was starting to worry me that something was wrong because she was eating my arm and hand and everything in sight so she was obviously hungry but then when I feed her…nope. She’s happy as can be and still going to the bathroom plenty so I guess she’s getting what she needs. Assuming it’s a phase…

Then there’s tummy time, which is supposed to be playtime, and she does this…

That is literally the opposite of what you’re supposed to be doing.

We tried again after her bath because she was extremely happy and WIDE awake and it was a little more successful. 

Homegirl slept from 5-7:20 at the gym so I was worried it would be a late night…NOPE!! Guess who LOVED her swaddle tonight?! 5 minute magic. Zero fussing. 

Sweet thing put herself right to bed. She did manage to get a hand out when I came to check on her. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Regardless, I still felt like I won at momming tonight. 

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