Day 120

Kensie has officially declared all meal times as play time. πŸ™„ Other than her night feedings where she’s half asleep and gets right to business, lately when I feed her she just stops eating and starts looking around. She stares. She waves her hand around. Starts to eat again for a few seconds. Stops again. Looks up. Smiles. Eats again. Stops again. Okay Kens you’re cute and all but EAT, CHILD!

Those thighs say she must be getting enough…

It was starting to worry me that something was wrong because she was eating my arm and hand and everything in sight so she was obviously hungry but then when I feed her…nope. She’s happy as can be and still going to the bathroom plenty so I guess she’s getting what she needs. Assuming it’s a phase…

Then there’s tummy time, which is supposed to be playtime, and she does this…

That is literally the opposite of what you’re supposed to be doing.

We tried again after her bath because she was extremely happy and WIDE awake and it was a little more successful. 

Homegirl slept from 5-7:20 at the gym so I was worried it would be a late night…NOPE!! Guess who LOVED her swaddle tonight?! 5 minute magic. Zero fussing. 

Sweet thing put herself right to bed. She did manage to get a hand out when I came to check on her. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Regardless, I still felt like I won at momming tonight. 

Day 119

K wasn’t feeling too photogenic after her nap, but she was rocking her orange bow for CFEO! (Because on Wednesdays, we wear orange.) I had to workout early today and she fought her nap but after a few pacifier replacements πŸ™„ she was out and let me get an undistracted workout in! 

Enough with the photos, mom. πŸ˜‚

Today Kensie got a special package from her Aunt Shell!! Still spoiling her God baby all the way from Afghanistan. 

Always stylin’
Tonight Kensie was in her bumbo and I heard the lovely bubbling noise that every mom knows all too well. Poop is one thing. Poop while sitting upright is a nightmare. 

I knew it wasn’t going to be a pretty sight so I finished prepping the food before checking out the damage. It wasn’t actually as awful as it sounded. I’ll leave you all with this lovely image. 😜

Day 118: K’s first Valentine’s Day

Kensington was spoiled with love today – but what’s new. 

Loves her puppy!

What she did not spoil me with was a nap…she took 10-15 minute naps here and there and was happy in between, but I’m a real fan of her usual 2 hour naps. It paid off though because homegirl was OUT by 7pm tonight. 

I thought this one was gonna last…I mean check out that position. That’s commitment.

Amanda brought Kens a sweet Valentine’s bear today!!! I missed the photo of her hugging it but this stare is pretty solid, too. 
The swing was making her sweat, hence the no leggings and bow…

I really wanted to leave her Baby Leggings on because I am obsessed with them, but I guess she’s still too young to apply the whole “pain is beauty” mantra πŸ˜‰. She’s still a little small for them but I obviously stick her in them anyways. If any of you mommas want some, go to and use “BL50OFF” for $50 off or 5 free pairs. You just pay shipping. BOOM. You’re welcome. #thrifty

Day 117

SHE DID IT!!! Kensie finally discovered the toys on her bumbo tray and played with them today!

K is at such a fun age right now. She’s starting to play with her toys and gets very curious about anything I hand her. If you hold something out in front of her she is starting to reach for it! I’m hoping this hand-eye coordination will rollover to putting her pacifier back in on her own. Ha!

Kensie is almost over her little cold. We went to the chiro today and it helped a ton. Other than a few coughs she hasn’t been stuffy today! 

This morning we discovered Kens’ favorite Baby Einstein Episode…the colors!!! Normally when I stand in front of her while she’s watching it she looks at me and wiggles and smiles. Today she was in straight hot dog mode staring at the TV for 45 minutes. She had no interest in me getting her up. 

She’s only unbuckled because I was about to take her out.

Speaking of TV – it was ladies Bachelor night! Kens had a front row seat. I know she just looks at the colors changing but I always find it funny when it looks like she’s into the show. 3 months going on 13 years…

Day 115 & 116

Kensie Brooke had such a great weekend! On Saturday we ran the Warrior Dash with a group from the gym. My little brothers ran with us so Gramma came down and hung out with K baby while we did the race! 

She was happy and great the whole time for Gramma but as soon as we finished she had a mini meltdown from being overtired and missing her morning nap! Luckily she slept on the ride home and then took an afternoon nap for us which I took full adnantage of and napped with her!  

And after nap time, comes playtime!

We went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday and Kensie was great and slept through the whole thing! Lately she’s been sleeping in her chair in her crib; some of you have noticed in pictures and asked – I put the chair in her crib because even though she isn’t a fan of sleeping flat on her back lately, I don’t want to change her habit of sleeping in there. It seems to have paid off because I transitioned her from her car seat to her crib when we got home with no problem! 

My little side sleeper.

Sunday we had a pretty relaxing day and last minute dinner plans. Super thankful for Amanda for watching our little girl so we could have a night out! 
Evening walk!
Loved these sweet photo updates from Amanda and K!

I’m no longer worried about babysitters during bed time (knock on wood). It’s always a tough time to leave her because I’m scared she will fight sleep and cry but every time we have left her she’s so good and goes right to bed! Thankful for a good, sweet, sleep loving baby and for amazing friends that take such great care of her!!!

…and she’s out!

Day 114

Ohh my little thumb sucking nugget. Kensie had a great FriYAY!

She slept great last night, had her morning Baby Einstein session before her nap and then helped momma get some work done!

Morning munchies…on her hands.

Loves her naps! (She takes after her momma on that one.)

Entrepreneur in the making!

This afternoon B and Papa John came over for a visit! K laughed, smiled and played while I was able to get some work done!
Working on her selfies

They went for a walk and B said she loved her shades and fell asleep!

Shades or goggles?

It’s been a fun week watching Kensie change so much in such a short time! She’s trying to reach for things and has finally noticed some of her toys and attempts to “play” aka put them in her mouth. And of course the discovery of her thumb in her mouth…I think I’ve already lost that battle. 

What HASN’T changed is her skin sensitivity. All K has been able to wear are Pampers Sensitive or the Honest brand. We have a few boxes of size 2 Pampers Swaddlers that were gifted to us so I opened a small package to test them out and see if we could use them now that she’s grown some. I alternated between the 2 to try and get her used to them but it was a complete fail and she got a rash.

On that note…anyone need about 30 size 2 Pampers Swaddlers? 

Day 113

Don’t. Make. Eye. Contact. 

Seriously, she wins with it every single time. When Kensie is in her swing at the gym and she’s tired, she’ll fuss a little until her pacifier is in her mouth. But if you make eye contact while giving it to her – she cries her way into your arms. 

She’s a pro. Good thing Coach Rob can multi task.

Also as you can see in the photo above, I am doomed. Miss Kensington has officially found her thumb. She doesn’t quite “suck” on it yet but I give it a week. It’s sort of cute. For now…

Kens took a really short nap this morning since she decided she wanted to watch everyone work out instead. 

She may look like she’s sleeping, but she’s actually watching the class workout and judging them.

Once again she was a chatterbox today. She’s such a happy little girl and looovvvveeesss to talk (scream). 

My next mission – a better bath! Any suggestions on the best way to bathe a 3.5mo old? Our sink is too small so that’s not an option. 

She loves the water but the tub I currently put her in doesn’t let her sit in much of it. I still use the hammock piece (photo below) because she doesn’t sit up on her own and I’m scared to put her in without it because she arches her back to slide down and wiggles side to side. 

Any ideas? Or do I just wait it out until she’s a little older? 

Oh happy day!

Day 112: The 4th Trimester

Warning: extremely long post ahead. Today I learned about this thing called “the 4th trimester”. You’d think I’d have heard about it before now, but NOPE! All my friends that are about to become moms – research it! It was extremely reassuring and pretty eye opening. For us, it was spot on! I wish I’d read about it before she was born as a sort of “heads up”. 

I briefly interrupt this post to bring you Kensie laughing at the dogs today…

This went on for about 5 minutes. Something about them cracks her right up! 

Miss thing also found her voice today – just ask anyone that was at the gym at 4 or 5p. Kensie was YELLING over me as I tried to coach and explain the workout to my class. Luckily everyone was thoroughly entertained by it. 

This is her talking face.
This is her “tired from screeching like a pterodactyl” face.

Anyways, back to the 4th trimester discovery. Holy shiz, this stuff is SPOT. ON. I saw it mentioned on a moms group on Facebook and started looking it up. It talks about all of the changes a baby goes through from birth-3 months. 

Lately I’ve commented on how Kensie seems like a new baby. She usually only cries when she’s over tired. She’s started to get into a schedule. She’s much easier to calm down if she does get worked up, and usually she’s pretty happy when dad or other people hold her as well. Apparently all of those things are completely normal and on track with the “4th trimester” coming to an end! 

In the last 16 weeks, we went through some tough phases of crying, an extra clingy “I want my mommy ONLY” phase (which was a pretty tough one for Chris), a “you can’t put me down” phase, the vacuum phase (okay that one still happens when she fights her naps), and an “only sleeps when she’s held” phase…most which have passed now, but in the middle of them I wasn’t sure if I was screwing up. Reading several articles on the 4th trimester was extremely reassuring and made me feel more confident about my choices, even if some people didn’t agree with how I chose to handle it. 

I regularly ask for advice from other mommas but the ONE THING I cannot stand is being told I am “spoiling her” or that I “dont have to pick her up every time she cries.”  

Here’s the thing. First I feel that you can’t spoil a freaking newborn; and if you can, then I guess I’m going to. Second, I’m not a fan of cry it out. Yes I have had to set her down and walk away for a few minutes while she was screaming for the sake of my sanity, but I have no interest in letting her scream her brains out until she falls asleep. The articles mention why they cry and the benefits to responding to them. It teaches them to trust. She moved around with me for 41 weeks. She’s  not used to being completely still. That’s why she wants to be held and walked around or bounced. (And I reallllyyy screwed myself there with all the working out, haha!!)

Another thing I second guessed and used to be hesitant to admit to was cosleeping. There’s so many articles on the dangers of it and so many people with negative opinions on it. Luckily, there’s also articles on the benefits of it and why it actually isn’t dangerous if done correctly. 

Kensie always goes to bed in her crib at the beginning of the night. She sleeps 5-6 hours then wakes up to eat. After that, I keep her in bed with me. She usually falls asleep on me or right next to me. If I try to put her back in her crib it takes 20-30min to get her back to sleep and she wakes herself up in less than an hour. If she stays in bed with me she goes right back to sleep for at least another 3 hours, eats again and goes back to sleep. She’s way more comfortable and relaxed next to me and it means more rest for the both of us. This also makes PERFECT sense. She was IN me for 9 months. It was warm. She was “held”. She was in a ball.  Sleeping by me is the closest she can get to that and sleeping in a large, cold crib flat out on her back which is a position she was never in for 9+ months is about the farthest thing from that! 

I don’t always do things by the book and while people’s comments weren’t going to make me change my ways, they did make me second guess myself many times. I wondered if I was messing up, which I know is just part of being a mom.  

Here’s the thing, it’s all unknown and we all have to do what works for us. Finding these articles on why babies respond the way they do as they adjust to the outside world made me feel a little better about the choices I’ve made with K. So, cheers to making it through the 4th trimester! Just 17.75 more years to go. πŸ˜‰ 

Day 111

I loved today because I got extra snuggle time with this boog this morning!

Thanks Kens.

Unlike yesterday, she took her whole 2.5 hour nap for me! I appreciated it even more this morning because I’ve had a headache all day. Thanks for cooperating, KB! 

We had to run some errands so she played while I got ready and then Kensie was the best shopping buddy. She chatted for a bit then took a nap. 

That. Face.

Kensie was the ultimate ham at the gym tonight. She was so happy all day and when we got there. When I went to set her in her swing she was not having it. She must have known Amanda only came because she wanted to hold her, ha! Amanda rocked her to sleep and she took a nap while I coached. Then she woke up happy as could be! She’s still stuffy and coughing but it isn’t seeming to phase her much. I’m hoping it fades in the next few days and this sweet girl can breath through her nose again! 

The barbells slamming and loud music works every time…

Always ends up with toys on her face.

Day 110

Monday after Super Bowl last year was when I found out I was pregnant with this little bundle of joy!

Kensie’s version of tummy time.

K baby had a pretty good day today and kept me on my toes. I was holding her and she pooped…so I waited a minute to make sure she was done and went to change her. She was still in her PJs so I took her legs out and when I went to move her clothes up I got a nice warm, wet surprise all over my hand. She had pooped up her back and I had no idea sooo my hand went right in it. Then the struggle was the fact that I had a baby, changing table and hand all covered in poop. I actually stood there for a second thinking what the hell do I do?! Solution: bath time.

Her normal 2ish hour nap was only 30 minutes today so she was a little cranky this afternoon. Of course she FINALLY fell asleep right before we had to leave for the store. 

I use her Binxy Baby all. the. time. and I also discovered a “hook” for the diaper bag on the cart so I thought I’d share! 

So many problems solved at once.

I wore Kens while I coached today and she passed OUT. She also went to bed pretty quickly when we got home. So thankful this little lady loves her sleep!

She was making her pterodactyl noise…