Day 113

Don’t. Make. Eye. Contact. 

Seriously, she wins with it every single time. When Kensie is in her swing at the gym and she’s tired, she’ll fuss a little until her pacifier is in her mouth. But if you make eye contact while giving it to her – she cries her way into your arms. 

She’s a pro. Good thing Coach Rob can multi task.

Also as you can see in the photo above, I am doomed. Miss Kensington has officially found her thumb. She doesn’t quite “suck” on it yet but I give it a week. It’s sort of cute. For now…

Kens took a really short nap this morning since she decided she wanted to watch everyone work out instead. 

She may look like she’s sleeping, but she’s actually watching the class workout and judging them.

Once again she was a chatterbox today. She’s such a happy little girl and looovvvveeesss to talk (scream). 

My next mission – a better bath! Any suggestions on the best way to bathe a 3.5mo old? Our sink is too small so that’s not an option. 

She loves the water but the tub I currently put her in doesn’t let her sit in much of it. I still use the hammock piece (photo below) because she doesn’t sit up on her own and I’m scared to put her in without it because she arches her back to slide down and wiggles side to side. 

Any ideas? Or do I just wait it out until she’s a little older? 

Oh happy day!

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