Day 114

Ohh my little thumb sucking nugget. Kensie had a great FriYAY!

She slept great last night, had her morning Baby Einstein session before her nap and then helped momma get some work done!

Morning munchies…on her hands.

Loves her naps! (She takes after her momma on that one.)

Entrepreneur in the making!

This afternoon B and Papa John came over for a visit! K laughed, smiled and played while I was able to get some work done!
Working on her selfies

They went for a walk and B said she loved her shades and fell asleep!

Shades or goggles?

It’s been a fun week watching Kensie change so much in such a short time! She’s trying to reach for things and has finally noticed some of her toys and attempts to “play” aka put them in her mouth. And of course the discovery of her thumb in her mouth…I think I’ve already lost that battle. 

What HASN’T changed is her skin sensitivity. All K has been able to wear are Pampers Sensitive or the Honest brand. We have a few boxes of size 2 Pampers Swaddlers that were gifted to us so I opened a small package to test them out and see if we could use them now that she’s grown some. I alternated between the 2 to try and get her used to them but it was a complete fail and she got a rash.

On that note…anyone need about 30 size 2 Pampers Swaddlers? 

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