Day 115 & 116

Kensie Brooke had such a great weekend! On Saturday we ran the Warrior Dash with a group from the gym. My little brothers ran with us so Gramma came down and hung out with K baby while we did the race! 

She was happy and great the whole time for Gramma but as soon as we finished she had a mini meltdown from being overtired and missing her morning nap! Luckily she slept on the ride home and then took an afternoon nap for us which I took full adnantage of and napped with her!  

And after nap time, comes playtime!

We went out to dinner for a friend’s birthday and Kensie was great and slept through the whole thing! Lately she’s been sleeping in her chair in her crib; some of you have noticed in pictures and asked – I put the chair in her crib because even though she isn’t a fan of sleeping flat on her back lately, I don’t want to change her habit of sleeping in there. It seems to have paid off because I transitioned her from her car seat to her crib when we got home with no problem! 

My little side sleeper.

Sunday we had a pretty relaxing day and last minute dinner plans. Super thankful for Amanda for watching our little girl so we could have a night out! 
Evening walk!
Loved these sweet photo updates from Amanda and K!

I’m no longer worried about babysitters during bed time (knock on wood). It’s always a tough time to leave her because I’m scared she will fight sleep and cry but every time we have left her she’s so good and goes right to bed! Thankful for a good, sweet, sleep loving baby and for amazing friends that take such great care of her!!!

…and she’s out!

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