Day 117

SHE DID IT!!! Kensie finally discovered the toys on her bumbo tray and played with them today!

K is at such a fun age right now. She’s starting to play with her toys and gets very curious about anything I hand her. If you hold something out in front of her she is starting to reach for it! I’m hoping this hand-eye coordination will rollover to putting her pacifier back in on her own. Ha!

Kensie is almost over her little cold. We went to the chiro today and it helped a ton. Other than a few coughs she hasn’t been stuffy today! 

This morning we discovered Kens’ favorite Baby Einstein Episode…the colors!!! Normally when I stand in front of her while she’s watching it she looks at me and wiggles and smiles. Today she was in straight hot dog mode staring at the TV for 45 minutes. She had no interest in me getting her up. 

She’s only unbuckled because I was about to take her out.

Speaking of TV – it was ladies Bachelor night! Kens had a front row seat. I know she just looks at the colors changing but I always find it funny when it looks like she’s into the show. 3 months going on 13 years…

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