Day 118: K’s first Valentine’s Day

Kensington was spoiled with love today – but what’s new. 

Loves her puppy!

What she did not spoil me with was a nap…she took 10-15 minute naps here and there and was happy in between, but I’m a real fan of her usual 2 hour naps. It paid off though because homegirl was OUT by 7pm tonight. 

I thought this one was gonna last…I mean check out that position. That’s commitment.

Amanda brought Kens a sweet Valentine’s bear today!!! I missed the photo of her hugging it but this stare is pretty solid, too. 
The swing was making her sweat, hence the no leggings and bow…

I really wanted to leave her Baby Leggings on because I am obsessed with them, but I guess she’s still too young to apply the whole “pain is beauty” mantra πŸ˜‰. She’s still a little small for them but I obviously stick her in them anyways. If any of you mommas want some, go to and use “BL50OFF” for $50 off or 5 free pairs. You just pay shipping. BOOM. You’re welcome. #thrifty

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