Day 135-150: KB Turns 3!

The last few weeks have been a little crazy in the Hall house! Chris and I took a trip to Nashville with friends and then our first little babe turned 3 years old!

Year 3 brought Kensie a new home, a new sister and newfound obsessions with babies, Elsa, make up and “performing” in the living room to songs that she yells at Alexa to play.

KB has blossomed into a full threenager the last few months which is basically a temporary version of bipolar disorder and tourettes all rolled into one.

We go from “EH!!! NO!! YOU’RE NOT MY BEST FRIEND. ELSA AND ANNA ARE MY BEST FRIENDS!” to “Mommmmmmyy. I love you. I wanna snuggle with mommy” in a matter of 90 seconds.

KB loves tutus, dress up, doing her make up, getting her hair done and painting her nails; she even asks me to fix them when they chip…so God bless the man that marries her.

YouTube tutorials are coming soon…

K is still a tiny sprout, siting in the 26th percentile for height…but she finally eats! πŸ˜† …sorta…she LOVES Nana’s cooking and eats noodles, chicken, rice, beans and basically anything anyone gives her unless it’s me or Chris. πŸ™„ Better than nothing?

My absolute favorite part of this girl is her huge HEART. She has an innate ability to care for others, loves everyone and never lets another kid feel left out. If another kid is sad, she tries to cheer them up. She still wants 2 of everything so she can bring one for someone else. Daycare? “I need 2 yogurts. One for Jailene.” Gym? “I need 2 fruit snacks. One for Charlie.” Home? “I need 2 dolls. One for Henley.” …always! πŸ€—

Kens loves her “coffee” aka steamed milk, helping adjust her sister at the Chiro, yelling “RAWR” at everyone to “scare” them, singing along to songs on the radio and every theme song of the shows she likes.

β€œRAWR sister!”

I’m pretty sure her 2 favorite things in life are “sister” and gymnastics. More specifically the “bouncy bouncy” at gymnastics. 🀣

Happy birthday, KB!! I hope blowing out all the campfires (it’s what she calls candles) makes all of your dreams come true! πŸ₯³

While the show has been all about Kens lately…our sweet little Leighton is still over here filling up our hearts with all the love, smiles and angelic behavior. 😊

She’s growing like a weed and we’re pretty sure she’s going to be taller than her big sis, but regardless of height they may very well be twins. πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ

I still do a double take when I scroll through photos because she looks SO much like K did at this age!

Leighton is a MOVER and wants to be part of all the action when she’s being held.

Luckily she also likes to chill, observe and SLEEP. πŸ˜…

These girls are hands down the best part of every day!

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