Day 151-157: Elle’s 1st Halloween!

It’s been a fun non-stop week in the Hall house and by non-stop I’m solely referring to Kensie talking. 🤪

The goob.

The beginning of our week brought a bought of fussiness from the little one. 🥴 Still not too sure what her deal was, but we had 2-3 nights of 4+ wake ups throughout the night and lots of grouchiness during the day. My only guess is that she’s trying to kick the cold that K so generously shared with us.

That sad little face!

I really can’t complain though – it’s pretty rare that this babe isn’t just going with the flow, chewing on her hands and cheesing when someone talks to her!

Showing dad how to read the plans 😆

L has been itching to move around, so I busted out the bouncer to see if she’d be satisfied. I think it’s a hit!

She looks at everything with the biggest “surprised” eyes 😂

Kens has been her usual high maintenance self, but also a sweet and hilarious little ham. She is into “make believe” for everything. There’s a part of the house that are her “castle stairs”and she dramatically runs up them at some point every day (we don’t have stairs…). She’s constantly singing or talking or making her animals climb “apple trees” (don’t have those in our house either. Shocking, I know). 🤷🏼‍♀️ At least she’s creative?

She also wants to help mom & dad with EVERYTHING so I’m raising her to be as bad of a cook as I am. 😂

K keeps randomly saying “Happy Mother’s Day!” To me. I’m still waiting on her gift or some sort of special treatment, though. 🤨😂 I mean, I’m on team KB. Every day SHOULD be Mother’s Day.

This Halloween was Leighton’s first and it was Kensie’s first time trick-or-treating!

Elsa giving Olaf his snow cloud 😆
This is the most participation I could get out of K for a photo 🙄

The morning started with K picking out an Elsa dress…getting all ready and saying “ok! Can I trick or treat now?” Sorry babe – not at 7am. 🤦🏼‍♀️

When the sun comes up she always goes “look mom!! It’s today!!!” – so she used that one against me to explain to me that it is Halloween and therefore, she should be allowed to trick or treat. She lost the battle, in case you’re curious.

L held down the candy fort with Daddy and Bah Bah while K roamed the hood with Mom and Titi.

While she acted shy when people tried to give her candy, she said she had the best trick-or-treat ever! It was probably because she met “blippi” and she spent the night stalking his golf cart and asking him if he liked her dress.

She asked me this morning if he was awake yet so we could go to his house. I hope this guy knew what he got himself into with that costume. 🤣

The best part of the night for me?? I honestly didn’t realize she didn’t have a diaper on the whole time! (Most of you probably don’t care – but my fellow moms will understand 😂)

KB was doing so great with potty training then the last couple of weeks she’s freaked out and begged for a diaper instead of panties and refuses to poop on a potty (yet she wears panties all day at daycare with zero issues…). I figured it was a control thing and her pediatrician said not to push it so we’ve been letting it ride.

Apparently she’s just going and not telling us & I find out by going in her bathroom and getting a whiff of old piss bc it didn’t get cleaned out of her potty. 🤢 Ah, parent life. But hey, at least she’s going!!! 😂 This morning she was in a diaper and told me she had to go potty, ran and went, and was great without diapers all day. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Fingers crossed we don’t go backwards on this journey again…

The best is when you ask her if she needs to potty. Instead of saying “no ma’am” she said “no thanks!” Hahahahaha – still working on deciphering those two.

Today KB started in the big 3 year old class at gymnastics which means I no longer go down on the floor with her! I was shocked she went right into class with zero hesitation! Such a proud moment.

…But then she redeemed herself by running away to go on the trampoline and in and out of class 6 times. 🤦🏼‍♀️ We ended class with an apology the most patient coach ever and Kensie said next week she’s going to listen the whole time. (I’ve got $20 on that being BS)

At least she’s cute?

And I will say – this fun but exhausting stage of K makes me greatly appreciate the immobile, non-talking and non-tantrum throwing stage of sweet little Elle! ❤️

And now it’s time for ALLLLL the Holiday fun!! 😍

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