Day 64-71

I know in my last post I said I wouldn’t go a whole week again…but here we are πŸ˜† We’ve had such a fun, eventful and slightly exhausting week!

Elle is truly a dream baby and growing by the second. She is so happy, snuggly and LOVES HER SLEEP (like her momma).

That little faceeee 😍

She still doesn’t care much for her car seat, but she tolerates it when she has to…especially while I workout, so I’ll count my blessings!!

We tried her play mat for the first time the other day and in true chill baby fashion, she laid, wiggled her legs and stared at herself in the mirror for a solid 20 minutes.

In between eating, sleeping and blowouts, Leighton took her first trip to Disney to celebrate a friend’s birthday!! (Thank you, Sarah!!!)

It’s still weird to me to see photos of us as a family of 4!!! πŸ˜„

Other than a quick nap that she was rudely awaken from by the thumping bass of a show we went to, she stayed awake the entire time and took in allllll the action. πŸ˜†

Meanwhile, Kensie had the night of her life!! Her and Wake were so freaking adorable together and the highlight of the night (and probably her life thus far): SHE GOT TO RIDE FROZEN!

He was SO sweet to her 😭
…and all I could see was what will all too soon be a teenager.

Okay, so the picture may not depict that…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

The end of the ride has a small drop into the water and Kensie was less than thrilled about it m; however, Chris and I feel it’s the best photo we have of her. 🀣

In all seriousness, I have never seen her face light up like it did while she rode through Frozen (prior to photo above). When she saw the characters on the side she’d grin ear to ear and wave so hard I thought her hand may fly off her wrist.

When she got off the ride, BahBah had bought her a frozen doll. Going on day 6 that she hasn’t put it down. she brings her into my bed in the morning and says “I just love her” while she hugs her. πŸ˜†

She also hasn’t found a new favorite outfit.

This weekend was extra special because HENLEY CAME TO VISIT!!!

Morning hugs on the menu EVERY day πŸ₯°

Ashely and Will came to town so we could celebrate baby McGee #2 and officially send them off to Ohio with one last celebration!

Slumber Party Bonus: only had to get one babysitter to go out to dinner πŸ˜†

Watching HenRo and KB together all weekend was the sweetest thing and even though they have screaming contests at 7am, I already miss them singing baby shark, jumping on the couch and taking turns “taking care” of Leighton. When I picked K up from daycare today she said, “where’s my Henley”? 😭

These girls are the epitome of “attached at the hip”. ❀️

Morning cartoons
Popsicles, bounce houses and pools. Living the dream!

I mean, slumber parties with your bestie is what life is all about!!!!

Leighton loved having Aunt Ashley and the baby whisperer Uncle Will here, too! Elle pretty much had a permanent spot in Will’s arms for the weekend and her 5 hour nap would tell me she didn’t hate it.

Just taking a nap on her future bestie.

I think we’re all just trying to soak in the cuteness (and sweetness) is this babe before she learns to talk like her sister. πŸ˜‚

I remember K in these PJs like it was yesterday!

Kensie is still loving her big sister role and she’s the best “helper” with little L!!

OH, and before we go…I have to share this gem of a product I found online. It’s a changing clutch and I can keep her diapers, wipes, bags and the changing pad all rolled up together! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Am I the only mom of 2 that didn’t know about this amazingness sooner. πŸ˜†

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