Day 57-63

WOW I’ve got a lot to update…I’ll try not going a whole week in between posts again. 😆

This little munchkin is 2 MONTHS OLD!!!

Leighton’s check up went perfectly and she only cried for half a second when she got her shots! She’s officially surpassed her big sis by .4oz and half an inch!

While their size may not be identical, their party poses sure are. 😜

Leighton is the best babe and I STILL credit her routine chiropractor visits for how great (knock on wood) the 4th trimester has been for us as she makes her adjustment into the real world! She’s so happy and content and when she does cry, she’s either hungry or way over tired and it doesn’t last too long. 😅🤞🏼

…and I credit those visits combined with this new magical swaddle I found for the the fact that Leighton has been sleeping through the night!!!!!

It’s called “love to dream swaddle UP” if any of you guys have babes with similar habits!

A found this swaddle while looking for a size up of her old one and it had the best reviews. I did some research and it seemed like a solid solution for a babe that loves swaddles but also loves their hands by their face. Leighton always breaks her arms out of her swaddles by morning but then she startles and waves them around and wakes herself up. The look of this one threw me off and I wasn’t too confident but damn am I glad I rolled with it!!! The first night we put her in it she was getting fussy because she was tired. I zipped her up and she immediately calmed down. At 9:30p I laid her in the DockATot, she put herself to sleep and woke back up at 7:30a!!! 🎉

(For my mom friends – it was definitely that first night of not being woken up fear where you immediately run over and check to make sure they’re okay. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this. 😂)

While she’s got a great temperament and loves to sleep, LAWD this child has so many bodily fluids that exit all too often. 😆 The blowouts are nothing new (and I’m considering buying the blowout blocker at this rate…). This spit up stuff though…Woof!! People talk about “the never ending laundry” so much with new baby. I did Kensie’s every…2 weeks? She rarely EVER spit up. Now, it’s every 3 days for just burp cloths alone.

Mom life.

Before I get to Kensie…we’ve had a lot of questions on Leighton’s nickname. The answer is: I don’t have an answer. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙈

Originally we talked about using her initials like we do with KB – so, L E , pronounced “el-ee”. I just think Elle is a pretty way to spell it…but that’s technically just pronounced “L” sooo there’s that. Haha!

I actually call her Leighton babe (well let’s be honest if she’s fussing, more often than not I actually slip up and call her Kensie) 😂

We will just ride it out and see what sticks. I mean, we always intended to call Kensington “Kensie” and now she’s Kens, KB, Kensie Brooke, Bebop, and Elsa. HAHAHAHAHAH

(Notice the dress that she eats, sleeps, and lives in….)

Kensie had her first dentist visit this week and it was a nightmare. I almost cried right along with her. She HATEDDD every second and did NOT want anyone to touch her mouth. She had some real tears rolling down her face and I felt terrible having to hold her hands while they “cleaned” her teeth. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m praying she warms up to it and isn’t so traumatized next time.

I guess I shouldn’t say she hated every second, she enjoyed getting 20 random toys after it. Lol

She also had her first day of dance!!!!

Just kidding. She wouldn’t go in the room…

I knew she’d be shy and hesitant but I thought she’d eventually warm up to it after a few minutes. I was wrong. She did have a mild fever when we got home so part of it may have been that she just truly didn’t feel well. She did ask to go to dance class once we got back of course, so we will see how the rest of the season goes. At least she looked the part. 😉

Notice she picked out the blue one because, Elsa.

The rest of the week was spent being the best big sis and keeping up with her nightly dance performances. Thankfully she’s added some new ones in the mix so we don’t have to listen to “Let it Go” on repeat.

K was so happy that L wanted to “kiss” her!!! Aka suck her face.

L doesn’t actually care about pacifiers much but K is queen of shoving them in her mouth 😆

And last but not least, like to take a moment to retract my thoughts before becoming a mother about when people would say “my kid won’t wear anything else”. I always thought: uhh, just make them. Don’t let them wear it….duh!

OHH how I have changed my tune. LOL

I realize now it’s not about “letting” it’s about choosing your battles; and more often than not “letting” her wear an Elsa costume, nightgown or blue tutu of whatever variation is a much easier, calmer, faster way to get out of the house than trying to convince her to wear one of the 6 million adorable outfits we buy her. 🙄

So for now, I’ll just count my blessings and enjoy dressing up the one that doesn’t have an opinion yet.

You win this battle, Elle!!!

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