18 months!

If you need a novel to read on the toilet tonight, here it is, folks! IT’S KENSINGTON’S HALF BIRTHDAY!!! Somehow, a year and a half has already flown by. 

KB one year ago at 6 months old!
And today – real life chaos 🤪

First things first: people, including Chris, have been asking me why I keep posting photos of Kensie on our tables. 😂 Well, she won’t stand still on the ground. She will on the table. Work smarter, not harder. 

Table posing FTW!

Kensie is well beyond her years and wants anything and everything that is NOT for her. You can’t even trick her. Most people say the first one is easy to trick you into a second. K figures she’d throw a wrench in that and throw any and every challenge my way to guarantee the next one will be a breeze. HA! 

I’m learning that this age is all about balance in the parenting world. That “how far do I let this go until I intervene” balance. Oh. And the “choose your battles” strategy. That’s also in place these days. 

That’s not a seat. But, “choose your battles” 🤷🏼‍♀️

As all moms say: I LOVE seeing her little personality come out as she grows. But really, I do. She’s slightly demanding (I can’t tell if it’s a toddler thing or a personality thing yet, or both) particular and independent. She’s also so very sweet and loves to give hugs and kisses and tell people “hi”, especially babies. She’s got such a big heart for such a tiny nugget. I hope she never loses one ounce of her sweetness!  

She is the best “babysitter”!

KB is copying EVERY sound and even tunes! She can hum/sing songs from Baby Einstein and copies the noises the animals and puppets make. She has “twinkle twinkle little star” perfected and she tries to sing the ABC’s when she walks her leap frog Dog around the house and it plays it. 

Toy of the Month

Speaking of Baby Einstein’s…K’s obsession has graduated to a whole new level. She will seek you out, hand you the remote, grab your hand and walk you to the TV to turn it on for her. 🤦🏼‍♀️ When you do, she gets a huge smile and starts a dance party. 

I’ve been trying to teach her “nose”, but somehow she learned “eyes” instead and randomly says “eeeyyyyyeeeeesss” and touches both of my eyes. By touches, I mean lightly gouges them out. 😂 

Kensie’s absolute favorite food is oatmeal. She asks for it at every. Single. Meal. Including snacks. It’s unreal. Eating has been very off and on with her. One day she’ll eat what you give her the next day she won’t eat anything. Except oatmeal. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Oye vey…

Her new favorite sign is “bird”. She points them alllllll out to you and she even points to the penguin in the bottom of her oatmeal bowl and tells you there’s a bird. (That one took me a minute. I was like no, that’s oatmeal. She kept telling me bird and pointing. Then I looked in her bowl and realized she was right…)

Touché KB. That’s a bird. 

“Dada” has started to evolve into “Daddy” (I’m bitter).  She still says “this” a lot. We get tons of “yes”, Spanish finger shakes for “no no no”, and “dog”. My favorite by far, that I recently posted about, is Balloon “lalooloon”. I need to get her on video with that one before she out grows it because she tries SO hard to say it. 😂 The newest addition is “peese” and “uh oh”. Except uh oh usually means I’m about to forcefully throw this on the ground. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Sometimes she just ignores me when I try to get her to say words, but if I catch her in the right mood she focuses really hard on copying me! 

She’s finally starting to have an attachment to something other than her pacifier. K won’t leave her crib now without grabbing her giraffe receiving blanket to come with her. She also likes carrying blankets around the house like Linus. Kens then proceeds to find random spots on the floor to lay down.

…and she still begs to wear her swim diapers 🤷🏼‍♀️
Oh. Okay Kensie.

Every. Day.

Kens isn’t any less obsessed with her binky though; she created her own sign for it and now asks for it specifically and will even show you where it is if she can’t get to it. 

Kensie loves shoes, bags, hats and sunglasses. She loves her water table and the pool and basically anything I’ll let her do if she gets to hang out on the back patio.

She has been loving daycare, and I’ve gotten much better at it too. 😉 This week, I feel like she became a big girl out of no where; I dropped her off and said can I have a hug? She walked over, gave me a hug, and then went to play! 🙀 The next day I got a hug, a bye bye and she blew me a kiss. Today, her teacher said she spent 30 minutes looking out the door saying “mama” when the other kids were starting to get picked up. 😭❤️ When she sees me in the afternoon i get a huge smile and a running hug and it is the best part of my day! I guess I’ll take these trophies and be a little less salty about the whole “daddy” situation. 😜 

Kensie’s got a solid “bye” with a wave (sometimes attitude is included for no extra fee) and she gives every one knuckles (fist bumps). She’s a pro at saying cheese for photos…and cheesing…but lately we’ve been struggling with her looking at the camera while doing those things. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Hey Kid, camera is up here!

Kensie’s new favorite activity is begging to go out back every second of the day and play in her water table or splash on the step in the pool. Thank God for swim lessons! Of course I’m out there right next to her and watching, but it saves me from several heart attacks when she runs away super fast and she’s too close to the pool for comfort! 

We love Mrs. Heidi!!

And for the Grand Finale…if anyone is actually still reading…kensie says “love you” after I tuck her in at night. Did your heart just melt or is it only mine that it does that to?

Happy half birthday, Kensie Brooke! I love you to the moon!

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